RMS poets pen new verses for Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2013 From staff reports

Editor's note: Students in the Riverton Middle School Writers Guild submitted three poems inspired by Valentine's Day:


Oh Winter, oh Winter, I so love thee;

You bring the vast wonderlands I see

Covering the Earth

A world waiting for birth

I am lying; I despise thee, you see.

Always making me track snow in the house;

Never being quiet as a mouse

Constantly chilly,

This is just silly,

My internal flame you always douse.

Good riddance till next year,

Your return is what I fear.

-- Madilyn Johnston


A Love Never Lost

Only you brighten up my day

There's only a few words you

Have to say to make me smile

We've had it great

We've been perfect

But there's an obstacle in

Our way

We have to part

Only for a little while

It won't be forever.

We will be together again

Because only you put a

Real smile on my face

Only you can make my dark

World shine bright

You are not like any other guy

You give perfect a name

Without you

My life will never be the same

I need you in my life

For me to feel loved

To feel like I am wanted

Every time I hear your name

My heart races my face reddens

Butterflies swarm in my stomach

You are perfect in every way shape

And form

The time I was with you

Were the best moments of my life

I could never love anyone like I love you

You have made me realize you will be

a love never lost

-- Tatum LaBoucane


A War To Remember

Baby, the bombs are, dropping

Stuck inside, my heart is falling

Why are we stalling?

We should be calling

Each other out of the storm

Hold your breath

Because tonight is the night we dance

In the light of our hearts

In our minds we start

A free-fall to keep us whole

It's cold outside

We're side-by-side

Mind in mind

And it's all fine

But we're not holding hands

I wish you could see how I feel

Intoxicated, I'm on your reel

I got caught and I'm sealed in

Wishing I could stop the wax and help you see

What you'll mean to the very end

But baby, the bombs are dropping

The war rages on

Stuck with you, I'm slowly falling

It's you I count on

It's you I count on all over again

-- Amanda Johnston

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