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Be involved in county districting discussion

Mar 7, 2012 Darlene Vaughan, Lander

The Fremont County Clerk and staff are in the midst of showing the citizens of Fremont County the possible redistricting plans for county commissioners. The turnout has been less than stellar.

This is an extremely important change for our county as commissioner districts are fairly new (ordered by courts in 2010). Special elections were held 2010 and 2011.

Now we need to come up with a more permanent decision. The County Commissioners will be taking up this topic very soon as they are the ones to decide which voters put their marks on the ballots in each district.

Check out the maps on the county website at www.fremont , go to "Clerk" then "Elections and Voting." You can view Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C there.

The important issue to understand is that these plans will not allow all of Fremont County to vote on county commissioners yet again. In fact, some of the folks who were not able to vote in the last election will again not be able to vote.

There is a Plan D that is not yet on the website but makes a lot more sense. Most all of Fremont County would vote each election with staggered terms for commissioners.

Please call the county clerk's office or head to the county offices in Lander where the three plans are posted in commissioners' chambers. Then ask to see Plan D.

Most importantly, write out your comments on the plans and either drop them off to the clerk, or mail them to the clerk, or(easiest) send via e-mail to

Remaining meetings on redistricting (anyone may attend any of these regardless of home address)

- Wednesday, March 7, Shoshoni Sr Citizens Center, 6 p.m.

- Thursday, March 8, Wyoming Indian High School tech center, 6 p.m.

- Thursday, March 15, Dubois Sneior Citizens Center, lunch at noon, call 455-2990 for reservations, presentation 12:15 p.m.

Be a player in the upcoming elections. Make you voice heard.

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