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More unelected bureaucracy won't make education better

Feb 10, 2013 Ed Thomas, Kinnear


As a longtime teacher, I have opinions about the actions by the people in Cheyenne regarding the state superintendent.

What makes the inept governor and clueless legislators think creating a new bureaucracy is going to improve anything in our education system?

Where will the money come from? I guess the only source would have to be the current education budget, which would take money away from the schools who are on the front lines.

I, for one, would be more comfortable working with someone who has some experience in the field, and who was elected by the people.

I do not know Cindy Hill, but I would be more apt to cooperate with someone I would consider a part of the team rather than someone appointed by the governor that I would consider a high-paid political hack from Cheyenne.

We already have too many unelected politicians in the education department in Washington messing up our lives without bringing it down to the state level. I urge anyone who shares these views to contact their senators and representatives in Cheyenne directly.

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