Resident brings love of sushi to city

Feb 6, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Pollard says making the rice and seaweed rolls provides a fun diversion at parties.

Beverley Pollard of Riverton is looking to share her love of sushi with the town. But first, she wants to make sure everyone knows that "sushi" does not mean "raw fish."

"Sashimi is raw fish," Pollard explained. "Sushi is short grain rice."

A sushi roll is made using the rice and a layer of nori, or edible seaweed. Those two ingredients are laid flat and rolled into a tube, with the chef's filling of choice in the center.

"You can bring whatever you want to go inside the sushi roll," Pollard said.

The tube is then cut into bite-sized segments that can be shared with guests at a party, for example. Pollard said she already has helped several residents host their own "Sushi Your Way" gatherings, and she would like to do more.

"This is my hobby, but I want to bring it to Riverton and show people how it's a lot of fun," Pollard said. "You invite people and everyone brings a certain item they want in their sushi roll. Then they take turns eating each other's sushi rolls."

Pollard said she personally loves the taste of the traditional California roll made with avocado and cucumber. But she also has enjoyed seeing the variety of recipes people have prepared at her sushi parties. Some people mix sweet and sour ingredients or incorporate beef and chicken with mushrooms, spinach and tofu. Pollard said one guest even brought peanut butter and jelly to try.

"We're talking about a blast," Pollard said describing her gatherings. "In the Asian culture, the men are always first, so at the parties the men are the first to make the sushi rolls. The women sit back and laugh at their husbands."

She said she learned about the food when she worked for 10 years at a Japanese import-export company.

"We had sushi every day," Pollard recalled. "I love the fact you can do anything with it, and there aren't a lot of calories in it. It's just something I've been fond of for years."

Pollard recommended the sushi theme for birthdays, and she said the hands-on activity provides an interesting diversion for guests at private sales events as well.

"You can combine the two together --it's a lot of fun," Pollard said.

She said she is only available Fridays and Saturdays for parties. She can be contacted at (707) 688-5960 or by e-mail at sushi

Bev's sushi recipes

Breakfast roll: Spam and eggs

Combo one: Crab, avocado, cucumber

Combo two: Cucumber, crab, Sriracha sauce or "monster mayo"

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