Do as you're told, voters; the 'gods' in Cheyenne know best

Jan 29, 2013 Frank Tanner, Riverton


As I recall, several years ago the people of Wyoming approved a referendum regarding term limits for elected state officials. Needless to say some of our fearless leaders in the Wyoming Legislature challenged that law in court, and won, so that they could continue their good work in at the Capitol.

They have now been joined by one of the five elected state officials in seeking to have it overturned for those five positions as well as the Legislature.

Add to this the fact that these fearless leaders in both the legislative and executive branches of state government now have decided that the voters of this state, be they Democrats, Republicans or whatever, are no longer intelligent enough to elect the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction.

It makes you wonder just who it is that's trying to seize power in this state and what they will do next to limit the power of our votes.

But, then, perhaps this is the "Wyoming Way" that so many of your writers cite when doing the "our way or the highway" thing. Just do as you're told, and be good little boys and girls, because the "gods" among us know best.

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