Go forward with restroom idea downtown

Mar 6, 2012 William D. Finn, Riverton


I am writing in support of the idea by Riverton Mayor Ron Warpness to situate a public restroom area on the old Daisy Cleaners location at Fifth and Main downtown, just across the street from The Ranger's newspaper office.

This is something Riverton has needed for a long time, and I think this would be a very good place for it. The picture that was in the paper last week looked like a very good plan. Very pretty.

My only worry about this would be whether it could be taken care of in a way so it would not be trashed or vandalized. That is what happens to some of our park facilities, what with all the drunks and riff-raff just loitering around all day with no concern for public property.

But I do think maybe this wouldn't be such a problem at Fifth and Main because there are so many people passing by, and the businesses there, that the "park rangers" probably would have too many eyes on them and might just stay away.

If this did get done, however, there really is going to need to be a regular checkup by the police department or city staff to keep the restroom area clean and to keep it safe. It will have to be part of the regular schedule, not just when they remember to, or when there is trouble. Otherwise, decent people won't use it and it will fall into the domain of the undesirables. Maybe the squad cars could always stop there for their restroom breaks.

I would like to see this idea go forward and not just given up on.

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