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WWWC medallion hunt now under way

Jan 22, 2013 Staff

The busiest part of the 28th annual Wild West Winter Carnival is approaching, and Tuesday marks the beginning of the WWWC Medallion Treasure Hunt.

A $500 prize is at stake.

Hidden somewhere in Fremont County is the five-inch bronze disk created by artist Jim Dickinson in 1986, the inaugural year of the carnival.

The Ranger plans to publish a rhyming clue each day of publication Jan. 22 through Feb. 3. Each clue is intended to draw hunters closer to the medallion's hiding place.

Ten clues are possible, although the hunt never has reached the final clue. The shortest hunt took just three clues, while several have extended to the second-to-last day. A typical medallion hunt lasts six or seven clues.

The finder of the disk must return it to The Ranger newspaper office at 421 E. MainR00;St. in Riverton to claim a $250 prize. An additional $250 is awarded if the finder also is the owner of a registered Wild West Winter Carnival booster button. The buttons are on sale for $5 at The Ranger, Wind River Casino and the Riverton Chamber of Commerce.

The Ranger pays the first $250, with the winter carnival organization covering the second $250 if the button requirement is met. Proceeds from button sales are used to promote WWWC events in the future.

The only information about the hiding place of the medallion, as well as the status of the treasure hunt, is published on the daily clue page, which included numerous advertisements from sponsors.

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The Wild West Winter Carnival medallion.

The Wild West Winter Carnival medallion.

The Wild West Winter Carnival medallion.

The Wild West Winter Carnival medallion.

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