Inn adds second scotch tasting

Jan 20, 2013 From staff reports

Miner's Delight Inn Bed and Breakfast in Atlantic City hosted its 54th consecutive Second Saturday Scotch Sipping at Six in December 2012.

The Saturday tastings have become so popular with Wyoming and out-of-state residents that Barbara and Bob Townsend will add another monthly event beginning the First Friday of Feburary 2013.

"Many folks have told us their schedules don't allow them to attend our Saturday tastings, so we'll add the First Friday event in an attempt to meet folks' desire to explore single malt Scotch whisky," Bob Townsend said.

A Wyoming Liquor Division official confirmed in December 2012 that the Townsends' Two-bit Cowboy Saloon offers the most extensive selection of single malt Scotch whisky in the state. Their current stock includes 85 single malts from more than 50 different Scottish distilleries. About 70 percent are limited edition whiskies, and 16 expressions come from single casks, where each individual cask only produced between 186 and 576 bottles of whisky for the world market, according to Townsend.

Single malt Scotch whisky is the product of one distillery in Scotland. By Scottish law, the spirit must mature for three years in oak casks to be called Scotch whisky.

"Some folks think all Scotch whisky reeks of smoke, but that's not so," Townsend said. "Many of our whiskies offer light, delicate, non-smoky flavors that surprise even well-initiated single malt Scotch drinkers."

Participantsl get five wee drams (one half ounce each) of single malt Scotch and light, palate-cleansing hors d'oeuvres at the tastings. Maps, books, pamphlets and distillery information will be on hand.

The Townsends will also schedule tastings for private parties, company events or fundraisers. They will provide the service in the inn or at a Wyoming venue of your choice.

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