Legislation on superintendent is 'thug politics'

Jan 18, 2013 Christopher G. Adamo, Wheatland


Americans who love their country and its constitution are appalled by the manner in which Barack Obama regularly exceeds his constitutional authority. From his threats against the Second Amendment and erosion of the nation's borders through executive orders, to his appointment of unelected and unaccountable policy "czars," he's willing to rule, rather than govern in a manner fitting for his office.

Sadly, Wyomingites are being subjected to this same reprehensible treatment from their own legislature. With the 2013 legislative session just begun, Senate File 104 is being ram-rodded through the process, a clear power grab from the very top of Wyoming government, and an affront to every citizen in this state who believes in the electoral process and the rule of law.

On its face, SF104 is purported to create a new, appointed position to manage state education. The problem for the "ruling class" is that Wyoming already has an elected superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill. During her two years in office, Hill has indeed made waves, at least within the state bureaucratic establishment. On her watch, and with her renewed focus on instructing, over 2000 teachers have received training, and PAWS standardized test scores have risen statewide in all educational categories.

Since her critics cannot argue with the results, they have been forced to change the subject. Citing vague relational problems, an underhanded effort is underway to strip her office of its educational responsibilities, the very reason those apparently irrelevant voters elected her. Such duties would be assumed by an individual selected by the governor from a slate presented by a panel of his choosing. Can anyone say "power grab" and "conflict of interest"?

Hill's detractors offer no proof of wrongdoing, and have thus been forced to resort to a whispering campaign by which they hope to discredit her and justify restructuring the state government in a manner that clearly violates the spirit of the constitution and the will of the voters. Their tactics are far more reflective of Chicago-style thug politics than the time honored methods of our great state.

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