School bus practices ought to be reworked

Jan 18, 2013 Allison Reyno, Riverton


It was a tragedy that a child was killed getting off a school bus in Fremont County and that we had to just recently go through a trial to try and get justice or answers.

But I have to ask why are the school buses dropping off children that need to cross the highway to get to their homes?

I grew up riding a school bus, and our bus only dropped off students on the right side of the road or highway.

In a rural area, surely we could make it possible so school buses can safely turn around? Don't they have to turn around anyway at the end of the route?

So we don't have to go through this again, let' s find a solution so our children don't have to cross a dangerous road or highway to get home safely. Don't let this happen again because we should have known better.

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