Game and Fish fee increase is questionable

Jan 8, 2013 Dan Brossman, Lander


As a citizen of Wyoming for over 32 years, and having enjoyed hunting and fishing through this time, I am writing to publicly ask Wyoming Game and Fish why they are asking for nearly a third increase in license fees.

Doesn't G&F even consider what all businesses and even some government entities are trying to do -- cut spending? Downsize.

Why pay for those costly new machines sitting in parking enclosures? Also, cut way down on those hundreds of field vehicles, cars and trucks. Even cut staff 10 percent like so many big businesses are doing. Sell tags for less money, not more, and the "little guy" can afford to get food for his family, plus more would hunt and recreate outdoors.

Other industries would benefit too. If a person buys a tag, permit him or her to get that game without a thousand regulations. Every time governmental agencies make a law, it takes more employees to police it. There should not be an employee for every tag sold.

But I did not hear Wyoming G&F even hint they would have any budget cuts. Why? As long as they mimic and practice federal tactics and "Big Brother is watching" practices, I wouldn't care if they went broke. $11 million per year losses should tell the public "their" Game and Fish is trying to control too much. They should hire a good CEO from business. But maybe this tag increase is one more method conspired by the feds to do away with any "need" for private guns?

Perhaps it's a way to tell citizens, "Stay off your public lands." "Stay off those trails and leave game for those precious wolves!"

How much of this "shortfall" is due the tender care of wolves? G&F had as much to do with reintroduction as the feds -- certainly no resistance. Wolves destroying game should make it easier for the agency to maintain smaller herds, with less cost. Bring on those wolves and put us all out of the sport, not to mention meat and jobs.

Please inventory for the citizens things like: number of offices. Number of vehicles. Big machines. Employees. Acres owned. Computers. Aircraft. Boats, trailers, etc. Let all of us, hunters, fishers, and non-users of game alike, see where our dollars go. Many "new crop" elected representatives and officials can do a brave, much- needed new thing: question this agency. Wyoming is watching you, now.

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