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2012 will be recalled as 'the year of the fire'

Jan 6, 2013 Linda Deibe, Riverton


I enjoyed reading the end-of-the-year issue. The Top 10 news of the year always interests me. I suppose it depends a lot on who you are and where you are. Some of the topics that made the top 10 ranking in the paper didn't have much to do with me, but one that did was the fires.

For the rest of my life I think the year 2012 will always stick in my mind as the year of the fire. The big fire in the Bull Lake area which was named the Alpine Lake Fire affected almost everything I did. I checked for it every morning when I got up and every night at bedtime.

It smelled like smoke all summer long, as I recall, and the sun was blocked out so it looked like a huge orange ball.

I went to Dubois, Lander and Boysen, and the fire was something that had to be taken into consideration everywhere I went.

If I had voted, the fire would have been first. It was the "news of the year" to me.

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