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Column had 'myths' about guns and gun ownership

Jan 4, 2013 - Ron Collins, Riverton


I feel compelled to address the many myths and misunderstandings that were listed in Betty Starks Case's column titled "'A Christmas Season Stained" in the Dec. 27 Ranger.

Mrs. Case makes a reference to "high-powered" when referring to rifles used in these evil shootings. The AR-15 is not a "high-powered" rifle. The round is a medium powered round that many states don't feel is powerful enough to bring down a deer or antelope and is banned from using for big game.

Mrs. Case also continually refers to the AR-15 as an "assault rifle." The AR platform rifles are actually "sporting" rifles. Big difference. A true assault rifle has the capability to fire fully automatic, and those have been regulated since the 1930s with special background checks and a federal stamp to even own one. Thousands of enthusiasts use these AR-15 rifles with high capacity magazines across America in three-gun and other sporting events every weekend without hurting anything or anybody.

Also, for Mrs. Case's information as well as many others', it's called a "magazine" or even a "mag" for short. A "clip" is something that you might wear in your hair.

Mrs. Case also suggests "this country remember that we are, after all, a democracy." Mrs. Case's own fourth-grade-teacher mother would remind her that we are a republic and not a democracy. Do you remember the Pledge of Allegiance to The Flag? "And to the republic for which it stands."

Finally, no, Mrs. Case, firearms do not represent manhood. They do, however represent freedom. That is what we're afraid of losing. We do not feel that "if you're not armed, you're part of the problem." If you choose not to own a firearm, then by all means, don't. If you choose not to have a fire extinguisher in your home, then don't. That's what freedom is all about,

I do find it ironic that brave men carrying "assault rifles" risked their lives so Mrs. Case can exercise her First Amendment Rights of free speech. Then, Mrs. Case uses that First Amendment right to infringe on our Second Amendment rights.

It was also noted that Mrs. Case blamed the NRA, assault rifles, gun owners, high-capacity "clips," and even males in general for the evil that took place in Newtown, but never once mentioned the one sick, evil individual that actually committed this atrocity.

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