County redistricting plans should treat Lander fairly

Mar 4, 2012 Richard and Perry Cook, Lander


There are three plans to redistrict Fremont County for the county commissioner elections. Two of these plans would split the town of Lander in half.

Plan A (Voters Rights Act) splits the town in a north-south direction with the north half going to a Hudson/north Lander district and the south half of Lander going to a Jeffrey City/Gas Hills district.

Plan C (current county commissioner's District 2010 census with cleanup) would split the town of Lander in half in an east-west direction with the east half going to a Hudson/Sand Draw district and the west half going to a rural Jeffrey City/Gas Hills district.

Only Plan B ( CY2012 Preferred Plan) keeps the Lander voting block largely intact. The redistricting is being done to give some balance to the commission, in this case to assure input from the reservation population.

I think it is equally important to have a voice from the community of Lander.

Those of us living in the rural areas are already represented.

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If you want to send comments, send them to our County Clerk, Julie Freese

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