Economical solutions exist to improve safety of risky intersection

Dec 28, 2012 Gloria Gregory, Riverton


There have been several letters in your column lately about the intersection of Highway 26/789 and the Honor Farm Road. It is a very dangerous intersection and something definitely needs to be done. I feel the major problem is drivers ignoring the peril of their careless attitudes on driving. There are other intersections that are just as dangerous, but for some reason caution is given at these locations.

The first idea of putting in a regular stop light (red,yellow, green) that requires everyone to stop is not really a cost effective idea. It would cost tens of thousand of dollars and if drivers ignore a flashing red light they would be just as likely to ignore a regular stoplight.

The idea expressed last week in a letter to the editor suggests lowering the speed limit prior to reaching the intersection is a good one. A implementation of a 55 mph speed limit for at least two miles north of this intersection could eliminate some of the danger by slowing down north/south traffic.

The major danger at this intersection is the oncoming traffic on the westbound Honor Farm Road and eastbound Country Acres road. Driver inattention or carelessness is something that needs to be addressed and a solution found to prevent future accidents.

My solutions would be effective and not hard on the pocketbook:

1. Speed limit change to 55 mph beginning two miles north of the intersection. Cost would be minimal, at most installing 4 speed signs.

2. On the approach to the highway on both Honor Farm Road and Country Acres Road, two or three speed bumps. Again the cost would be minimal, the cost of county employees laying out the speed bumps and a warning sign that they are upcoming.

3. The final change would be right after the speed bumps, prior to the stop sign, a sign that would read something like:



Again, the cost would be minimal, two flashy signs to bring to drivers attention of a potentially deadly intersection.

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