Dear Santa ... (part six)

Dec 23, 2012 Santa letter writers

Aryana would like

skulls on her bike

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I dont really care what I get but I really want a two heeler bike that's blak with skulls on it.

Tell Mrs. Claus hello for me thank-you.



Mr. David wants a bigger bike

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. My brother wants an xbox controller and pants. I want a pro glider and a bigger bike.


Mr. David

Ailee describes house

so Santa can find her

Dear Santa,

I have been that good. Can I have a Ds with some games? I could have Scooby-Doo game. My house looks yellow and brown.



Kaison says she

would like a tablet

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I really miss you. I hope you've been resting a lot. Are you ready to go-outside? By the way can you bring me a tablet that can do movie games and books?

Love, Kaison

Javier hopes Santa

is getting his rest

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are resting away. I have been a little good. What I want is an x-Box and 3 DS with The new Mario games where Mario turns golden.

Your friend,

Javier Jarkillo

Destiny will have

'a little bit of toys'

Dear Santa,

I hope you get me and my brother something for Christmas. I do not care What I get, I'll Just have an I'pad, and my brother a dirt bike. I dont need a lot of toys. I'll just have a little bit of toys. Have a good Christmas.



'Real live baby fox'

is on Kyra's wishlist

Dear Santa

How is Rudolph? Does Rudolph's nose still glow? Could you tell Mrs. Claus hello for me? I hope you have a good Christmas. Could you bring me a real live baby fox?



Hannah asks for a

new Monster High

Dear Santa,

I have been good. So can I please have toys? I know that you are my friend. So pretty please. I will keep being good for you. Can I please have a new Monster High?

Love your friend,


A surprise awaits Santa

at Christopher's home

Dear Santa,

I miss you. Is it hard to deliver presents? I have a surprise for you at my house. I really want Sky lander games, the starter pack. Have a good time.



Parker was 'pretty good'

and would like a red bike

Dear Santa,

I was pretty good this year, not the best. So please dont hurt me pretty please? You are nice, you know. I want a bike, a mountain bike, a red one.

Love, Parker

Dylan asks about Rudolph

Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good this year. Are you ready for Christmas? I like you so much. I like all of your gifts you give me. My home is white. Does Rudolph the deer have good days? Please bring me toys cops.



Kadence doesn't ask

for gifts, just answers

Dear Santa,

I was so good every day. I believe in you, Santa. How are your reindeers? How are you, Santa? Does your reindeer's nose glow? You are my friend.

Your friend,

Kadence Cowles

Kaj can get his work done

Dear Santa,

I can do my wrok at sckoal But I em not doing it and I knoe that I can do it. Ho ho ho ho

From Kaj Cooper

(with a picture of an elf)

Santa's friend Gavin

begs for his mercy

Dear Santa,

I know I wasn't very good because I broke the T.V. but I am begging for mercy. Can I have a new phone with a case?

Your begging firend


Five-year-old Preston will

leave treats for reindeer

Dear Santa,

I have tried very hard to be good since I turned 5. I really want a 3DS player and a super mario 2 game. A also want switch-n-go Dinos. They are cool. legos and building blocks too. I will leave cookies and strawberry milk for you and food for the reindeer.

Love Preston

Mom and dad want to have kids

together for Christmas

Dear Santa,

We have 5 kids 3 girls and 2 boys. The oldest one is Kendall. She is 12 and Clayton is 9 ans Stasha is 7 and James is 5 and Bridgette is 2 months old now. I was hope to have all of my kids home for Christmas. But I will not get to have two of them here. The other 3 are in foster care in Thermopolis now won't get to see them any more until they turn 18 years of age and decide to come and look for me their mom. We don't have a lot of money to get all the kids what they want for Christmas. All we have is a lot of love for them. The 2 that I have is Clayton and Bridgette. Thanks. We have P.O. Box 1951 at Riverton, WY 82501

Thanks Nancy and Doug

Patrick writes for

his brother, too

Dear Santa,

How far is the north Pole?

I have been good. for Christmas I want a web slinger, monster castle, and skateboard. My brother Tristan is too small to write you he wants a tool bench that lights up. I will have cookies and chocolate milk on Christmzs eve.

Love, Patrick Dornblaser

p.s. I love you Santa!

Tyanne has a new

baby sister this year

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like a doctor doll or a rug for my bedroom or or coloring stuff, or a fake bear. I have been really good this year and was just wondering if you could comeafter Christmas when my dad gets home.He works away a lot and this is the 1st Christmas Daddy will miss with us. He works so much because he is awesome and I love him. He wants to make a living and provide for me and uy little sister and my mommy and keep our house and food in our bellies.

This Christmas is the first Christmas with my new baby sister Cambrie Lee Cooper and I really think she would like a elephant stuffed animal or some clothes because she is getting so big so fast. I think that's all we could ask for this year because my family spoils me rotten every day of the year and I am very fortunate to have such an amazing family that loves me so much.

I love you Santa!

Tyanne Cooper

Jamison drew a color

picture with his letter

Dear Santa,

Santa this year I want a puriture of your main rendeer 10 Blade egrasac cev ball, and all star shoes. I where 4s and whant this color blue.

By the way my favorite rendeer is Vixin. Tjhanks for last year thoe.

Your Pal, Jamison Larson Cooper

Kenzie is sorry

if she was bad

Dear Santa,

If I was bad this year I am rilly sorry. If you could please bring me these thing I would be grateful of you. So will you please bring me a 3DS, a Kendill, a Ipad, 9 Monster Hi Dolls, 4 flexible barbies, a I Phone, a Carrie Underwood poster and CD, and that is all.

Well I want to say I Love you and you are the best.



Bill wants two kinds of

remote control toys

Dear Santa,

please can you bring me these things. a mocintrole hellucoptr a D.S a rell phone bay bladse a remotcintrole bolle set.



I love you Santa

Izabel wonders about Santa's tough job

Dear Santa,

I wood like a pony, makup and Barbie Jeep. I luv you cuz you giv preznts. How do you get to all the people in one night?


Izabel Rico, 5

Kyler listed his top gift ideas

Dear Santa,

I would like a 4 Wheeler, Pink bingbag, Bike, remotel razor, basketball.



Rylee disclosed the ingredients

she added to her reindeer food

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. I hope you Rain deer will like there food I made for them. I put oatmeal and glitter in the food.


Rylee Johnson

Tanner thinks this will be a great Christmas

Dear Santa,

I can knot wait intel Christmas. It is going to be a great Christmas don't you think. I hope you and your elfs hade made a lot of toys for the boys and grils. I wonder what your going to get me for Christmas? This is going to be a great Christmas because my cousans and family.


Tanner Johnson

Kyle hopes Santa is still making toys

Dear Santa,

I wos being good boy. How are your rander. I hop they are good. I want a Packers Jrse and a Packers helmit. Are you still makeing presents. I hope you are and I wont a tramqien. That is all I wont to tell you.



Noah would like trash can guys.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all your hard work and for all the toys you give to everyone in town. I would like a cotton candy maker, X-Box 36, and trash can guys. I love you.

Noah Stover, 7

Anastasia is into dinosaurs this year.

Dear Santa,

This year I would like baby butterscoth and Pony, princess and dinosaur panties. I also want dinosaurs and fun toys. I can't wait to see you at the fire hall on Saturday.

Love, Anastasia

Sophie wants Santa to bring gifts for her sisters

Dear Santa,

I have been a good baby! Please bring me a new carseat and a Sophie Giraffe. My sisters are very nice to me. Please bring them presents too.



Kelly wonders about the height of Santa's elves

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a bo. Also how is it up in the north pole? And are the elves really short?


Kelly Stowell

Brendan wants the real thing.

Dear Santa,

I would like a real horse. I like a real dirt bike. I would like a hundred GI Joe's and army men.


Brendan Murfitt

Mckenzi wants a new friend for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas all I want is a new frind that is cool like Kelly. Is the north pole cold? Is the elves vary short!


Mckenzi Martinez

Tired mom wants sleep

Dear Mr. Santa,

What I want for Christmas is happy children and a fat ferret and new tires and sleep.

The End.

Sincerely. SaSbrel Mom

Age (Wouldn't you want to know)

Kinley wants only a car

Dear Santa,

I am being a good girl. How is Rudolph? I would like a car.



A boy forgot to put his name on his Santa letter

Dear Santa,

I am being a good boy. How are your elfe. I wont a Bronco jrze and a howmit a mot clintrole airplane. Is Cars 3 out yet? O car too.


Chloe has doll and Barbies on list

Dear Santa,

I would like a American girl doll and barbies.


Chloe Wright

Ruger wants a gift for his mother too

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I wood like a mockentrol trock and for my mom I wood wont for her sum sliper's and can you give me a pickcher of the rander please. I have ben vary good.


Ruger Stowell

Jatoh wants to know Santa's entrance

To Santa,

Do you come down the chimney? I want a Captain America boots. I have been really good.

Jatoh Martinez, 5

Elisa cleaned her room without being told to do so

Dear Santa,

I think I've been good this year I think. I have cleaned my whole room without anyone telling me to and my made mommy happy! My gift to daddy will make him happy to, with Davy and Jenessa. Tonight in Rendevous I'm an elf! For Christmas I think I want a telescope, space books and new friends.


Elisa Polson, 9

Violyn wants animals for Christmas

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a ferret that could do a cartwheel. I also want a pink kitten and dinosaurs. I want a reindeer and a Big House.


Violyn, 8

Dax isn't getting picky with the Legos

Dear Santa,

I want a bmx bike and a orange scooter. I want call of duty and call of duty two. I want a basketball hoop. I want any kind of legos. I want a mx. I want the zize to be a 65 five stroke. Thank you for the elf "max."


Dax Fischer

Lillian wants a decrate horse

Dear Santa,

How are you. This year I would like Baby butterscoch and crib life and a decrate horses to pante and a lego friends and art stuff.


Lillian. 6

Cole's stuffed dog is in

need of a stuffed monkey

My name is Cole. Oh just to say, what I really want for Christmas is the biggest stuffed animal, it is a monkey for my big stuffed dog.

Oh by the way my brother Josh really wants a big Lego set. Chad wants a big football.

My mom wants some Love. Oh, by the way how do your reindeer fly? How do you get a round the world in one night what are your Reindeers names?

Love, Cole

Ana is asking for a

fortune cookie maker

Dear Santa,

haw do you get to the north pole?

I ben a good girl. I want a fortune cookie maker. Dad has been good. to



Dolls and puppies

on Madison's list

Dear Santa,

I would like a monster high doll and trash packs and a chocolate lab puppy thank you Santa.


Madison Bower

Jordan wants a black

horse ... and a white one

Dear Santa,

I wud like a really blak horse!

I wud like to have a green Bay Packr Shirt. A littl real Shark! And a fish tank. And a cross necklace. And a really white horse.

From Jordan Vroman.

Lyric just wants

some games

Dear Santa,

I would like mor gams. My favorite gam is snowmobile.



Brady has more questions

than Christmas gift requests

Dear Santa,

I would like a all terrain twister, and everyone gets their presons. Haw do you get in my haws with out wacking up eveyone?

Haw do you get to everybodes haws in a nite? Haw come you don't tack a year off? Haw dus roodofs nose lite up?

That is all my queston and thats all I won't.

From Brady

Lovena wants makeup

and a pet cat and bird

Dear Santa

I would like a doll and orange cat. And dance and a makeup box with all kinds of makeup and nail colors. and lots of lipstick. would like a bird (pearit).


Age 7

New WWE game

tops Joe's wishlist

Dear Santa,

I want a new WWE game.


Joe McAdams

Luke curious about

Santa's 'royndeer'

Drear Santa

I want a new ps Game. I want a new plx stoshen how are your royndeer

Love Luke

Age 7

David would like

a train set, sled

Dear Santa

How are you? I think I've been good this year. I would like a train with lots of Details and tracks. this year I wuld really want the whole magic treehouse series! and a sled that loock's like your sleigh and it even has sides. And a handel to guide where it will go and a horse could pull it and the sleigh has bells

from David Polson

Age 7

Say asks Santa

for a blue cat

Dear Santa,

I like a Blue cat a turtle a BeBe gun and a dinosaurs Poster. Reindeer



Avery asking for an iPod and makeup

Dear Santa,

Ples breng me this Ipod fiavr lipgos fiavr macup criseamas shos and crisemas earings fon carama carama press

thac you



Legos top Austin's

wish list this year

Dear Santa,

I would like some legos, Tomas the train, Ironman, Captain America, and Thor



Savannah thinks Mr. and

Mrs. Santa are 'soo! awsome'

Dear Santa I will like a iPod or a D.S i wolud also Like a American Doll I wolud Like a baby Dolls. how are the Riendeer doing Mr. and Mrs. Clause. We are doing a music play we have riendeer and elfs and Mr. Santa and Mrs. Santa how are the elfs. you guys are soo! awsome you guys are specily. I Like how you rap the present.

I Like the colers on the wraping paper you do. is the sled going ok?

baby stuff, Barbie Doll house, and barbie Dolls, a bike, electric scowder, and a baby cars, baby bed American Doll stuff.

by Savannah bell

I Love you santa and the elfs mrs. cluse and the riedeer and sled. Dear santa I been so good!

Caydo says he

has been nice

Dear Santa,

can you give me a remote control? I want a racing track I been nice

I luf you santa


Polite Enoch

asks for a tablet

Dear Santa,

I love you I can't wait until Christmas. I've Been good and I want to ask for a tablet for Christmas thank you have a good day



Young Patriots fan

asks for snowboard

Dear Santa,

I been realy good this year. How have you been? What I wanted was a snowbord that has a Patrits sign. That would be realy good. By the way I made a suit for you. Remember have a wonderful Christmas!

Love Elijah

Delphine will swap

cookies for presents

Dear Santa,

I Delphine would like a puppy, a big comfy body pillow, some music, a new phone, some clothes, a scarf, Hat and gloves, a blow dryer, curling Iron

I will leave you cookies and milk


BlueJay's grandma

Delphine Charging

Tegan asks for dinos,

robots and lizards

Dear Santa,

My name Tegan

I would like:

A dinosaur

robot and


Love Tegan

Jaelyn keeps her

request simple

Dear Santa,

This is Jae Jae!

I would like a Dora dress

Connor would like

some Nerf weaponry

Dear santa

I would like a toy gun.

I want a Nerf gun, and sheilds. I would also like a glow In the dark nerf gun. I would like a blowdart gun. I would like the advengers action figares.


Age 6

Six-year-old has a

question for Santa


What is your favorite toy? i love Winx dolls


Age 6

Adara wants black heels

to go with rainbow attire

Dear Santa,

I want black high heels

teddy bear

christmas books

d-s game

rainbow ball

rainbow coat

rainbow gloves



Kameron requests

variety of electronics

Dear Santa,

I would like a phone, psp, 3DS, computer, t.v, wii you, xBox360, ps3 move, gameboy, camera. Thank you santa.

Love, Kameron

Age 10

Karson craves a

mug of 'hotchoklit'

Dear Santa,

I wood like a gun, hotchoklit. How r the ronder?



Blue iPod, pink bike

are on Madison's list

Dear Santa,

I want a Blue iPod.

I want a teddy bear

I want a now pink bike.

I want rollskate.

I want a now DeEs game

Love, Madison

Destiny would like new clothes, dolls

Dear Santa,

I am Destiny I'm 6 years old. My birthday is on April 15. I want New clothes, dolls, blasrit, and Phone.

Love, Destiny

Jaden asks for some specific toys

Dear Santa Claus,

This year I would like skylanders Spyro's Adventure starter kit with Thumpbuck Giant. A new remote. Hunting close football and a pistol that I can choose.

Finishing touch to bow.



A doll and stroller are on Piper's list

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl. I would like a new baby doll and stroller.



Pryce says he loves Santa and cookies

Dear Santa,

SpiderMan, ShotGun Camo, Hunting Clothes, CandyBar. I love Santa. A lot of cookies too!!!!

Love, Pryce

Age 2

Dacey thinks of those without home

Dear Santa,

How are you? I do not want a lot for Christmas. I have been very good. plus there are many people that can not selidrate christmas becuase They dont have a home so most improtantly I want them to get them a present for them. I would like 5 pares of pants, a phone, friend legos (the house), Bardies, littlest pet shop, and more D.S games. Please!

Love, Dacey Vroman

Age 9

P.S. I want a green day Gresy.

Emirah can 'hardly wait until Christmas'

Dear Santa,

I Love You! I can hardly wait until Christmas. For christmas I want my pretty ponies. I am going to be an Angell in our Christmas Play, "Away in a Manger."

Thank You

Love, Emirah Hernandez

Atiyana writes on behalf of her sister

Dear Santa,

My sister wonts to come home. Can you bring my sister back. our family misses her very much and she wonts an I Pod. She wonts clos and Nike shoes. and new glasses to for her. and wen she gets back home can you mack her room warm for her Please.

Love, Atiyana Pearl Willow

Trai really wants an American girl doll

Dear Santa,

I want an American girl doll her name is Molly I rilly whant her vary much!

Love, Trai Lopez

Lexington wants a cat-free Christmas


Merry Christmas. This is going to be my fourth Christmas this year and I am so excited. I watched the movie "Elf" with my dad this week so I am spreading holiday cheer so all can hear. I am going to listen for your Reindeer on my roof like the movie.

You still have not taken my cat, Newton. Third time was not a charm so maybe fourth will work. We really don't have a need for each other so I will leave him by the fire place for you to pick up. I think he is on your naughty list if you look.

I am a blessed big boy so I hope all the other children get gifts this year too. I really want a trampoline like the one at gymnastics. But this year my family is very excited for my new sister who will be here in February. I have already named her "Noba" so my mom and dad don't have to think of a name. My mom and dad don't know where it came from, but it is what I am going to call her.

I Love you. I am a good big boy this year so stop and see me. Don't forget the cat, but leave my dog she's on the nice list.

Love, Lexington Thomas Kirkland

Preston has an airborne request

Dear Santa,

How are the raraderr doeng?

did they fly throo the snow storM?

Plese can you give me a plane with strips? I kan give you a cokie and a milk.

Love, Preston Nelson

Dear Santa,

How are the randeer?

I hope the elves are good.

I have been good because I have not thrown things at the hetr.

ples bring me a bike.

thank you and have a saf trip.

Sincerely, Dillon

Brayden will provide a snack

Dear Santa

How are you doing? I have a four weeler for cristmus? I will leve you milk and kookes.

love Brayden Sims.

Marcelina has been working hard

Dear Santas

Santa how are you doing?

I've be doing my chors. Santa please can I have a i Pad, Amerca dol gril, toe socks, slipers, stuffed dog and dress.

I will leve you cokise and milk.

Love Marcelina Jimenez

Ana hopes to make cookies

Dear Santa,

Haw are the ranedere? Are thay flying! Haw arethe elfs. Are you and Mrs clas stil to gether. I am doing good in wirting. I whood like to hav a 3Ds and a forch en cookie maker. I will leve you a cookie and milk.

love Ana Ellison

Micahel would punch a bag

Dear Santa,

How long have you and mis. Clos ben maryd? I have ben medemand medem this year. Hay owver here Santa! Will you prity pleases give me this year a boxing bag, bebe gun, piant ball gun and that is all wut i wont. And if you give me all of that and wut is on the frij me and my dad will bace you cookes and warm milk.

Love, Michael Delahoz

Ella likes high heels

Dear Santa

Are you douing good on the presens. Can I plees have trkoys pants bekus min ript, and high heell boots and thats all I wont for crismis and mary crismis.

love, Ella Judd

Rahne loves Christmas time

Dear Santa,

How are the elvs? I'm doing good I love chismiss! can I git a rill wand and a flying car and a pot for a poly joosposhin and a cloke for hogworts. and hogworst was rill and Wrimiys hair and wand please. I hoppe you havea safe trip.

Love, Rahne Hall

Alica is doing well in school

Dear Santa,

.How are the elvs doing? I am doing a graet job at School. And also on my SPelling tests. Can I Please have a real live BaBy Black cat and it will play with my dog Poncho. I will Put chocklit cookies and milk on my table.

Love you freind, Alica Pereda

Do reindeer ghet stuck?

Dear Santa,

Have you ever got a raindeer stuck somewhere? I've ben having fun with Rino And Jaylyn. Could I pleaze have a snowmoblie or dirt bike? Or evan a football and cowboy uniform? You might want to chek the banaster.

love, Kade Gabrielsen

Do reindeer get exercise?

Dear Santa

Have you exresized the raindeer? Please cood you bring me agryBrids. and can you plese brig me a remot chchol car. Have a Safe trip.

Love Luke Brodkor

Go Pokes, says Nathan

Dear Santa,

How are the elvs doing? I have been doing good at School. This year I would like a Wyoming Swetshirt please. Could I please have a nike backpack for School be caref on the end of School I will probly be takeing a lot of stuff. I hope you have a safe fide oto the North pole.

your frend, Nathan HutchiSon

Can Santa catch a cold?

Dear Santa,

Had you ever coat a cold? I love cristmas. Please give mea robbot puppy, an umbrrela, leo pirets of the carabean on wii, and a ipad. I am going to leave hot chocklit and kookis on my tabal.

Love, Isaac Wille

Molly would be adorable for Trai

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa haow are you and Misis. Clos? I em good in SchoolI whish I wad see you. I will wan't a amaruken gilr dall, Her name is Molly. She is adorabl. and haw are the raneder?

Love, Trai Lopez

Bright orange pants for Taige

Dear Santa,

How are you, mrs. cluse, and the elfs? I have been good in school this year. For chritma I wold like a kindle fire to read off of and pair of kneeon orange pants. I will leave you cokeies and milk.

Love Taige Lee

How many elves on the crew?

Dear Santa,

How many elvs dose it take to pack the Slae?

I am a good boy this yill.

I would Like aturtel, a dinosaur poster, and SI. I will leave you a pancake.

Your friend,

SaSaibriel Bald Eagle

Raylei lists four things

Dear Santa

Please give me a WoelMAKR


at edeban

4 Mosddt

Lovem Raylei

Tosy for Tegan, please

Dear Santa,

Please can i have toys

i Big TREX RoBot


Love, Tegan

Large bear requested by Maddy

Dear Santa

Pease wil you Bring me a Bike

Big Big tedebor

glom mix

Big Big zleegens

Love, MADDiy

Emma writes with love

Dear Santa,

Please can i hav





Love, Emma

Noah wants to start pedaling

Dear Santa,

Pes briNg me some toys

1. tablN

2. Cabe makr

3. Stent tede bear

4. bike



Demi likes family Christmas

Dear Santa,

I love Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year. It's a time that I get to spend a lot of time with my family.

I would like for Christmas some amazon gift cards, a desk, a tether ball pole (and tether ball),and a healthy family.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Safe travels!

Love, Demi Rae Stauffenberg

Age 9

Brenon plans northern travels

Dear Santa,

I hope everything is going good at the North Pole. I would like to visit there some day. I really don't know what I want for Christmas but I would take anything that you want to give me. I do like to build please remember that! I hope that you've seen I've been a good boy all year because I do not want coal in my stocking please.

Love, Brenon Stauffenberg

Age 7

Ps I will leave cookies and milk for you

Addison doesn't forget reindeer

Dear Santa,

I've been very, very good and I want a new Jasmine dress and her shoes. I want some more princess dress up clothes and all the crowns and shoes please. I also want a Barbie boat and some Barbies. Could I also have a jewelry box and mirror that you can decorate yourself. I really love Princess games for my computer too.

I will leave you milk and cookies and some little apples for your reindeer.

Thank you Santa for the toys last year, I love you.

Addison Peart, 4 years old

Kinley already a photographer

Dear Santa,

Baby and a stroller and a bottle.

Dora movies.

I want camera because I take pictures andnoculars too.

Thank you Santa. I love you.

Kinley Peart, 2 years old

Will Miguel's mom get flour orflower?

Dear Santa, please give mom a flour. And dad a breathing mask. As for me I would like a snake bite truck with a remote control. From Miguel Hernandez

Three DSI orders come from Cody

Dear Santa,

Please give Huntera DSI with games, And Ethan And Jacob a weopon toy Give Evie a pet chiwawa And Ellie a DSI Game for the tv As for me I would like a DSI with games

Cody Bock

Adin's dad likes scary movies

Dear Santa,

Please give me a wiiu and Dad a scary muve. gramma a cofee. Sophie a doll. Mom a necklis.

Adin Durah

Red-eyed rat is Devin's request

Dear Santa Please give my mom a new van. and dad a new rifle. Give Fallon a new Game on the xbox 360 And Lila a new pupee. As for me I would like a new rat with red eyes.

Devin Cress

Ayla knows what grammy wants

Dear Santa please give my grammiy a braslit and neklis and my gg a pichr Alay Gedblocks. and Brendan a to truck As for me I would like a barBe hows and a white bord and shoos from Ayla to Santa

Ezra talks to Santa for his whole family

Dear Santa,

Please give dad a mat. and mom a dress.

Give Enoch a leap pad. And Emira a Princesses Toy. As for me I would like a Tablit.

From Ezra Hernandez

Necklaces for Ariana's mom, grandma

Dear Santa, please give my mom a ring and a neckeles. and dad a air hocky table. give grandma a haert neckeles. and grandpa a big! tool box. As for me I would like a baby alive From Ariana Lambert

Hunter wants his family's gifts to be new

Dear Santa,

Please give Parker a new foot ball.

And dad a new drill.

Give Cartar a new Lego set

And Hannah and Ella new hed Phones.

As for me, I would like a wii you.

From, Hunter Hauck

Alex has some backhoeing to do

Dear Santa,

Please give Mom a prity dres. and papa a tractor. Please give meme a frying pan set. And Camrin a Baby ratle. As for me I would like a backhoe and a black and white horse. From: Alex Tatreau

New animals on list for Chloe's family

Dear Santa,

Please give my Ant Aubrey a Slugbug.

And Aubrey a little pupe.

Give my mom a baby toy for my baby bruthr.

And my moom a cat.

I would like candy.

From Chloe Darnell.

Isabel remembers two

little boys who need gifts

Dear Santa,

Please give Loocis a Glocraslsyse. and willy a Tramsformer resue you Boss

Give momy a ipod

and dady a desk and a chair.

As for me I would a robot.

From Isabel Kuegeler.

Mom and Brendan

will get two gifts each

Dear Santa,

Please give my dad a four wheelers.

And my mom a new sewing mshen.

Give my mom a cofe cup.

As for me I would like a I want a Ipod and a horse.

From Brendan Muffitt

Kyle and his dad

are Packers fans

Dear Santa,

Please give Kinley a Dollhoues and a barbie with pink hir. And Karson a football and a gum pak. give Dad a Packers hat and a Packers jersey. and Mom a pink t. shirt and a Pink hat.

As for me I would like a Packers Jersey a Packers helmit.

from Kyle Mann

Diane's mom, sister

each might get a dog

Dear Santa,

Please give my mom a dog,

and give my dad a game

give my sister a dog

and give my gramma big spris.

as for me I would like a barby doll and a Dyes.

from Diane Amos

Sydnee keeps cousins,

friends in mind on list

Dear Santa,

Please give cusin Aubree a Pink Sekarffe.

And cusin Cambree a yellow and gray T-shirt.

Give cusin Landon a pair of cow boy boots. And frend Attalee a computer (real). As for me, I would like a Ipad candy cookies.

From Sydnee Jevne

Jake and his brother

both want vehicles

Dear Santa

Please give my Mom a pair of snow boots. And my dad a bronkos shrt.

Give my dog a choobone.

And my bruthr o new truck.

As for me I would like a four wilr.

Jake Weber

Jordan's horse should

be "really white," Santa

Dear Santa

Please give mom a joreis (jewelry)is shine.

And Jaden a cookie.

Give Price a black babe dog.

And Kaptin a stuff cat.

as for me I wold like a really white horse.

And a cross neklis. from Jordan Vroman.

Broncos and Steelers are

popular in Logan's family

Dear Santa,

Please give Toby a bablad. And dad broncos hat. Give mom a steelers shrt. And grama a cookie. As for me I would like a 3DS.

From, Logan Elord drum Davis


gift for her grandma

Dear Santa,

Please give my nana a muzick box

and my mom a car.

and dady a phone.

and Daniel and Kayla a skateboard and barbies.

and baby brth candy

as for me I would like a DS and I-Pad.

From, Attalee Rodriguez

Keegan wishes Santa

a pleasant Christmas Eve

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a Skylanders Giants Wii game or a pig stick for Ruby my pig and some dog agility stuff. How is your reindeer? I hope you have a nice Christmas eve Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause to and your elves and reindeer.


Keegan William Thacker

Brothers want a white Christmas

Dear Santa,

Did I forget to tell you about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I want the blue one. I also want a Samurai Megazord Medium. My brother Drake wants Samurai and Hulk feet and Costume.

I'm curious about where the North Pole is, and if you've got lots of snow. My Grammy would like a white Christmas. Could you bring her some snow please? I really want to see your Reindeer, especially Rudolph! Drakey wants to see an Elf and so do I. They are funny!

Remember Buckle Up for Safety!


Landon & Drake Hughes

PS: God, I really wish that night wasn't that long.

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