Dear Santa ... (part five)

Dec 23, 2012 Santa letter writers

Mason is going Majik bowling this year

Dear Santa,

I would like a black horse, boxing/punching hands, Majik bowling, Angry birds car set, Mario Sports Wii game.

I have been very good this year.

Thank you,

Mason Hilyard, 3

Angry Birds are popular with Tyler

Dear Santa

I would like Angry birds star wars deth star game, Lego city forest police station, paper Morio stiker star 3ds, Angry birds hammin' around building set, majik bowling, Angry birds mega fling game. Hot wheels wall tracks power tower, New super mario bros. u. wii, Angry birds knock on wood game. Mario tennis 3ds , and Mario kart 7.

I've ben good this ear.


Tyler Hilyard, 8

Zander got tired of using commas

dear Santa

I want a

DS, shoes, book remote control motorcycle

Zander, 5

Zachary wants money

for the poor from Santa

Dear Santa,

I wold like a Harry Potter-lokit, ellder wand and some lego setts. I wold like a new eraser and note pad and Badelship game. And money for the poor and no more cancer for my dad. Have a safe trip.

Love, Zachary

Michaela's dad could use Santa's help with cancer

Dear Santa,

I would like my dad's cancer to be over, poor people to have shelter, Sorry Sliders, a horse, to live to be 101 and to be happy. Have a safe journey.

Love, Michaela

Allen wonders whether Santa Claus is real

Dear Santa,

I won't an ipod a xbox 360 and a new dog. Are you working hard santa? Am I on the good list or the noty list? Are you rill Sant Claus? Can you give my mom somthing for Chritmas and my sister and my brother and dad for Chritmas to. How come you can't show us and the chidren if your real, or facke. Do you like cookies a lot wiht milk? Are you going to come to my on Chritmas Eve

Love, Allen

(Allen drew a picture of Santa delivering gifts under a Christmas tree)

Four diverse gift ideas from Ranelle

Dear Santa

My name is Ranelle How are you. I would like A Barbe and A stuft Animl. I want a Basketbol I want a snocon mushen.


(Ranelle included a drawing of snowmen and stars)

Black and pink truck is

coming for Destiny's dad

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a pare of shien earrings And dad a truck that is Black an pink. Give Shae a shine neclis And Lanes a video game. As for me, I would like a monser high

from Destiny LaJeunesse

Lots of gifts needed at Zane Reynolds' house

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a prs and a ring. and dad a fishing pl. give jacob a per of blue and white udedas shoos. and woor a ipod tuch. And as for me, I would like a elf on the shelf.

from Zane Reynolds

Frenton remembers one

last thing for his list

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a cuit little dog And Dad a shiny tools set give gramo a cuit cat And grapo a new shiny gun as for me I would like a Dont aBoy

from Frenton John Ellison

and a candy cane.

Santa has to work with Bieber for Carlos, Tali

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a new black phan and Dad a new riphl Give Tali a new justin bebr song

And Grampo a new Red truck.

As for me i would like a elph on a shelph


Carlos Shaw

Pink is popular with

Zander Hinkley's family

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a now pink neicles And Dad a new Xbox Give Zayden a new pink bobre hawes And Zoey pink pante. As for me I would lick a DS and Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart 7


Zander Hinkley

Color is key when it comes

to Madison's presents

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a neckelese with her fase on it.

And dad a Black gun.

Give Karson a red modrcicl.

Aad lori a Hot pink cindlcase.

As for me, I woold like a Blue ipod

From Madison Fossey

Emmi Lou plans

some holiday baking

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a pair of pink shiny gloves. And dad a new dark gray fox shirt. Give Halli a yellow and pink ball.

And Maui a white dog bone.

As for me, I would like a pink, purple and white easy bake ultument oven.


Emmi lou Weber

Someone wants a day off from school,

Maya says

Dear Santa,

Pless give Mom a shinee blue cot. Give Collin a brown dress. Give Hethre culrfl macupe. Give Dad munee.

Give scpetnea kit

Give holly a new swimsot.

Give sos a snoe day.

As for me I wod like a rele setru

from Maya Mclauglin

Two different iPods for Cortland and brother

Dear Santa,

Please give mom gold earrings and dad a rope horse. Give Savanna a barbe whitha pink dres and my brathre a ipod 5. As for me I would like a ipod tuch. From Cortland Lacey

Cortez has

Broncos fans

in the family

Dear Santa,

Pleas give my mom a brown bull dog. and rmelo a bronco hellmit for my dad 4 tickets to a broncos game. Give Rmelo a broncos hellmit. Give Hvanna a swimming sut.

As for me I would like a four weelr

from and love yeisi


Ray-Anne has proof that she's been good

Dear Santa,

I have Been gooD because I have helpeB my mom. I have pict up my toys. I touk care of Lucy. Please Bring me a Baby Doll with a pink Blankot.

Love, Ray-Anne

Do reindeer fly in

storms? Preston asks

Dear Santa,

How are the raderr doeng? did they fly throo the snowstorm? Plese can you give me a plane with strips? I kan give you a cokie and milk.


Preston Nelson

Age 8

A white Christmas

would be fun for Garret

Dear Santa,

My name is Garret Rogers and I am 2 years old. I would love snow for Christmas. I want to make a snowman. I have been as good as a 2 year old can be this year.

Love, Garret

Danaisha's candy bar should be a huge one

Dear Santa

My name is Danaisha Brown I hope you are doing good, I am 6 yrs. old, I would like a barbie a Ipad, a huge candy bar, a coloring book wiht crayons and supply box to put them in, a black coat with fur on it, a little car I can drive, and turtle earrings and necklace.

Love, Danaisha

Blurry flight in store, Kayden says

Dear Santa,

I hope you dont fall off a roof or we wont have Chritmas! But I hope you have a nice flight and it might be blurry.

I want a PS3 the most. Do you know why I want a PS3? Well I want it because I like games. Or a 4-weler because I wanted one for a long time.

So I hope your reider won't hit someone. so you should be warm becaus if you are not warm we are making one

Your friend, Kayden

Age 9

Tristen tried to be really good

Dear Santa,

How are you? I tried to be really good this year. How is Rudolph? I bet he is shinning his nose right now, to make sure no dust is blocking the light that glows from his nose.

For Christmas I would like to have a new pillow pet because the other one I had got a hole right above the eye.

I hope you have a safe flight. Pack yourself even more cookies and milk.


Tristen Wille

Math expert Grayce

doing well in school

Dear Santa,

Hey, I've been doing really good in school in my class room. I am an expert at math. That's also my favorite subject in scool. My second favorite is science but we haven't got into disecting things yet though. Also, I want to know what is your favorite color and your favorite food?

Santa these are some items that maybe you could get me for Christmas. I would like a couple of itune cards so I can have more songs on my Ipad. Also, a lime green keyboard so I don't get finger prints on it. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Santa I hope you have a happy, sunny, full of funny truly great Christmas and please don't fall off of a rook.


Grayce Fike

Katie thinks the elves must be going crazy

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mis. Claus? Have the elfs went crazy because Christmas is almost here?

Santa, I'v been wanting and tinking if you can get my top 2 favorite things year? The things I was thinking about are a pair of sparkly black boots and an American Girl Doll that looks like me.

P.S. Santa I hope you have a good and Joyfull Christmas. Make sure you don't fall of any roofs. I wouldn't want a good man like you to fall off anything. I'mm hoping that I am not on the naughty list! I got you a suit! I hope you pick it on a cold night.

Merry Christmas to you guys in the Noth Pole!

Your little elf, Katie Cabada

Is Rudolph getting excited? Elijah asks

Dear Santa,

I was wondering how is the North Pole? Well over here in Riverton, Wy it is really good. I bet rudoph is exited about his big night. Are the elfs tired of working? Santa I've been thinking what I wanted for Christmas. If you could, can I please get a snowbord that has a Patirots sign? I will probably will go to Jackson Hole for New year's day. And I wanted to be in the parade.

By the way I hope you don't fall off the roof. That would be bad. And I have a suit you would love. Oh yeah remember have a great Christmas!

Your friend,

Elijah Hernandez

Blake needs more construction equipment

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer? How are your elfs? Are they ready for the big night on Christmas Eve? I have been very good this year!

Santa if you are woundering what I want for Christmas it would be a new loader for my sand pile because the other one is about to break! One more thing I would like is a new bulldozer because did you see, the other one broke! I hope you stay warm please don't fall off a roof.

Make sure to bring lots of hot chochlet to stay warm. I you have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Blake Dale

Third-grader Angelique

made some new friends

Dear Santa,

Hows Mrs. Claues? I'm being good in 3rd grade. I made some new firends their names are Grase, Ashli, Mekena, and Kattie. They are really good friends to me. For Christmas I will want to have a LPS house and the Duchs and LPS. Signature timberwolf and a polly pocket car to. Nice talking with you. Be careful on your trip to America it's chilly here so get hot coco. Hope you have a safe trip SANtA!!

Love, Angelique T.

Kain hopes he's not on the naughty list

Dear Santa,

how is it at the Noth pole is it cold? hows Roodooff? I been good. Ive got A+s and B+s I hop Im not on the notty list. christmas is my favorice holiday.

I would like it if you got me some gifts I would like some books and toys and some games and dont eat too much cookies and dont fall off the and be careful!

your friend, Kain

It's getting cold for

Zack here in Riverton

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Are the elves ready for travel? I bet you are. Is Mrs. Clause making cookies? Shure is cold here in riverton, so bring extra cookies and hot cocolate.

Santa if you could get one thing for me it is, a nitendo 3DS. When I'm done with my homework my mom and my brother are whatching crimimal minds so I something else to do. lego star wars the death star would be good to because everything moves. it's worth $400 dollers and my parents wont buy it because its costs to much.

I hope everyone in the north pole even elves have the best crismas!

Your friend,


Ashli wants an Ipad

with a personal touch

Dear Santa,

In school I've been working on writing a book on how to play vollyball. It has been realy fun! Like, what position to be in, what to wear and stuff like that. How is the weather up there?

Hey, if you come to Rivorten first, it's cold, I wipped up an outfit for you! Hey, just for Christmas, I would like an ipad with Katie's adn Grace's picture on it that says bff's on the top. I would also like my mom and Aunt Heather to get along. I don't like how they are fighting :( Can you make them stop? Well that's all I want for Christmas! Have the elves pack you extra hot coco! Rember my outfit! Be careful! Merry Christmas!

Don't eat too many cookies!

Your favirote little girl,

Ashli Jones, Merry Christmas Santa

Lots of questions

come from Torri

Dear Santa

Is Rudlph going crazy? I bet so? How are you? I am great. You might want to wear warm clothes because it is cold at night. So are you happy you get to see kids sleep?

Santa I really want an I pod touch and Denver Bronco earrings and a 3DS. I like to play games like Zombbbies. I want Bronco earrings because I like the Broncos. They are so cool. That is why I want an I-Pod touch, 3DS and Bronco stuf!

Santa, Make sure you do not fall. I hope you have a good Christmas. I will have a good Christmas and thank you Santa for every thing. Your friend,


Quade plans to

earn his gifts

Dear Santa,

How you been? Well are your elve's OK? I hope theyre still in the Christmas cheer. It's a little chilly this year so...

I hope you still have that winter coat. I almost forgot, I made you a winter coat. I hope you like it. By the way can I have a angry birds shirt, some race cars, and monoploly millonare? But I will earn it and be nice.

I will try my Best. I want every Body here to have a Merry cristmas. Thank you Santa.

Your friend, Quade Friday

No presents are

needed for Ruben

Dear Santa,

Santa you better put on your warm suit so you do not get cold. Santa you should drink lots of Milk and eat cookies. Santa you have a very good Christmas.

All I want is for everybody to have a good Merry Christmas! I don't really need any thing for Cristmas. Y

ou can bring me any thing you would like. I Hope you have a good Merry Christmas.

From your friend,


Makenna hopes the

reindeer play nice

Dere Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus (your wife)? Are the reindeer playing nice? I don't want any reindeer missing out on any reindeer games. :)

You should like what I'm making for you, for Christmas. It's a Christmas present, early, because you need to were it on Christmas Eve. Your probly wondering what I would like for Christmas.

Well, what I would like for Christmas is an ipad so I could take bigger photos and so it would be mine and not my mothers ipad.

My mom has an ipad and I'm the only one that uses it besides playing trianning music on it. One more thing. I would like a Geronimo Stilton book.

We will be leaving cookies out that night for you, and milk or hot coco. I will ask my mom to clean the chimny for your arrival, and not put the fire on. Have a ho hoing Chirstmas.


Makenna Thornely

Reindeer should be potty

trained, Kendell says

Dear Santa,

Are you ready for Rudolph to guide your sleigh. Biy the way are your reindeer potty traied because I do not want eny one using the bathroom on my roof! For Christmas I would like a now bedspread, a black bed that has drawers that pops out of the bottom, and a racecar rug.

What kind of cookies do you want? chocolate, chocote cip, do you would you like milk, hot chocolate?

Oh ya, I heard that Mrs. Clause left your suit in the dryer. So it shrunck so I made you a now one owt of recycleable it saves the evniornment.

Have a nis rid here!

Your friend,

Kendell Kramer

Warm wishes for

family from Taylor

Dear Santa,

How is it going in the Nourth Pole? I'm sure it's cold on your big trip. Make sure the elves pack you enough Hot chocolate and cookies. My wish list isn't that long. this is for you. I want my mom and dad to have a good time and family to be safe Through the wintery days. I hope thats not to much to ask for. Merry christmas. Guess what, if you get cold I'm making you a new suit. Why bo'nt you try it out?! I think I made it the right size. If it doens't fit come and tell me, I will make it fit. Have a very merry christmas!



Alexis spills the

secret of the suit

Dear Santa

Hey did you know I'm making you a new suit? can't tell you. It is a present for my friend. oh, do you want to know what I really want for Christmas.

Here, let me tell you I would like A new bike because my old one borken. that is why I also would like a ball. and easy baker. make sure Rudolph has a shiny nose. It is really cold in Riverton. How is in the Nroth Pole. I hop you will have a nice Christmas

Guess what? Mrs. Claus left your suit in the dryer too long and it shrank. and you were upset.

That is why I have to make you a new suit. It might be cold on a special holiday which I love! It is cool to get a whole bunch of presents.

make sure the elves pack a whole bunch of stuff for you when you go on your trip so you will not be starving, so bad, like hot coco and cookies. What kind do you like? I like chocolete chip. I know you love cookies so do I!

I love my new school. In my class we have A new kid and his name is Rubun. Dress warm on your big trip


Alexis Behan

Sophie wishes she

could see Santa

Dear Santa,

for Christmas I would like a mix between a ipad and a nook I'm 11 and I love you so much I wish I could see you.


Sophie Lopez

Samuel is excited

for Christmas

Dear Santa.

I would like some new bottles, Diapers, clothes, blankets and lots of new baby toys. I want a big teddy bear too!

I will help my big sister Ashley sprinkle reindeer food and bake cookies with milk for you!

Santa, I am so excited for Christmas!

Samuel B. Jenkins

Taylorae wants a door

that opens with her voice

Dear: Santa I whant a keldle fire. A gote crta. A dirwe that opens to your onw vose. A fone with mines. And A Mir. crismis. Hove a grat crismis.

Love Taylorae Tara Kuegeler, 7

Purple is a favorite

color for Konnor


Plles bring me nik purple srt purple pants.

I luv you

From, Konnor

Battleship, bazooka

fill out Karson's list


I wood like a badl ship pls man. fiyr man Busooku hawr the ronder

From, Karson

Lots of love to

Santa from Karia

Dear Santa

Pleze brimg me A big Ipod dazebazeha for finuri ihstik

Sata how iz yr wadrs. I liv yo Satiat! Ahizlm ereGs

From, Karia

I llv yo zata

Stroller, crib request

comes from Jenessa

Dear Santa,

Ples bring me u stror and a crib. and a cue and macup and a bore and a cran Lovae Santa

From, Jenessa

Avery wants makeup

with extra flavor

Dear Santa,

Ples bring me a fon and a camu and a flavr lipgos and a flavr macup I love you Santa

From, Avery

Allison sends abridged

"I love you" in letter

Dear Santa

Ples brmg me mac up.

Failip glos

Crismis eregs


From, Allison

One last gift made

it into Peyton's list

Dear Satu

Favr Hiavr


omak Ipad



I love you Sat Ipod

From, Peyton

Tweed will look

nice on Kaebri

Dear Santa,

Ples brmg me pez be medol + with twede fisthrbecz i kat b me on hrto and Im cut i luv u stu

From, Kaebri

Morgan must have

gotten distracted

Dear Snta

P bbring me ...

From, Morgan

Quick and simple

list from Caydo

Dear Santa

Ples brimg me a XbX gam

From, Caydo

Purple business shoes will

help Darian to stand out

Dear Santa

Ples brmg me pleeeve a big biseanas shoos purple Jif hore mathore moshoshuk

From, Darian

Pumpkin muffin coming

to Santa from young Will

Dear Santa,

Ples bring me a hand gun. and a bsku. I will lev you a pucmfen. I luv you Santa.

From, Will

Isabel wants to play in

a clubhouse from Santa

Dear Santa,

Ples brmg me.

A club hows.

a fon

a flavrd makup.

a ipod

I luv u satu

From, Isabel

Jackson believes

in Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Ples bring me sktbod. Mathe things. Art. Beach ball I belev in you

From, Jackson

Santa will know

what to do here

Dear Santa

Ples brbmg

Makeup should be

flavored, Emma says

Dear Santa,

Ples bring me. a club hows a fon a ipad a flavrd lipstik. a flavrd makup. I love you Santag


Nerf toys for

Connor, please

Dear Santa

P boll bsku nrf gun n garme.


Gavir wants a Leap Pad

Dear Santa,

I want 22 Pistol, Leap Pad, head lamp, knife for hunting, go cart, blue gun. I love you.


Gavir, 5

Ashley wants Santa to give

her teacher a present

Dear Santa,

I want a new puppy. And I want a new game to. I want to go Las Vegas.

And giv Mr. Lampert a present to, at Jackson School. Put his present on his desk. Don't forget grandma two moons and Heather a present.


Ashley Jain Willow, 8

Extra large teddy

bear for Maddyx

Dear Santa,

I would like a bike, scooter that is orange, iPad, and a big big tedy bear. Thank you for our elf on the shelf max!


Maddyx Fischer

Flat screen TV request

Dear Santa,

I have been weret good so can I get a flat screen TV and candle warmer.


Sonja has gift ideas but

puts no pressure on Santa

Dear Santa,

How is it at the North Pole? Is it colder than anything?

Well right now I am going to tell you what I want for Christmas and that is, a laptop or computer, a baby pig Scentsy Buddy, a piano designed Scentsy lamp, horse stuff cbridles, saddles and a blanket for the saddles, crafting stuff, shaped hole puncher, gluesticks and again you don't have to give me everything these are just ideas for you.

Merry Christmas Santa Claus and Happy New Year! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Sonja Post

Blue Jay wants a remote

control helicopter

Dear Santa,

I Blue Jay have been a good boy and would like a few things for Christmas. Such as a remote control helicoeter and airplane. also I would like Halo reach with sky Landers giants.


Blue Jay,

Age 6

Ashton would like a

real dart shooter

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy sheilbs and a toy Nerf sniper. A blow dart shooter a reel one.


Ashton, 11

Zane wishes Santa a safe trip

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. Please bring me a Madin 13 game. Elf on the shelf. And a remote control car. Please bring Jacob a hunting game. Have a nice trip.


Zane Reynolds

Drew wants a wrist lazer

Dear Santa,

I want soccer Bopers, spy gear, and a Lazer to go on my wrist, and a iPod touch please.



Kentrell hopes he gets a helicopter for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Please give dad a new football. And gam and mom a new spoklelsrt. Give grapu a new xbox gam. And gramu a new iPad. As for me, I would like a new hatukopdr.


Kentrell. Bilinsky

Brodie wants a pair of

shorts for Blake

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a black lekin with hetis sete evre were. And dad a graye woof mawtit. Give Blake a carolina a pare of shorts as for me, I would like a new baer.


Brodie Dale

Nicholas would like

a cat for his mom

Dear Santa,

Please give mom brown cat and dad a cadie. Give Linse a sline necklis and hamster a purpe ball. As for me I would like blue with pink crosses chefs.



Parker wishes Santa would

bring his dad a new Hot Rod

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a eletric wheel chere and dad a new hot rode car. Give Treyton a radeyo for his artic cat.

And Easton a skaller ship to the U.S. open. As for me, I would like a reemote centroll hellukopter.


Parker Paxton

Mckenna would like her

mom to get a book from Santa

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a big thick book. And dad a big cunffy cing sise bed. Give Brittani a big brown desck. And Kadence a pritty dall to play with. As for me I would like a hot easy Bake ofin.


Mckenna Martin

Zaryc wants a fast snowmobile

Please give mom a new car and dad work clothes, Give snudin new race car. And please a new snowmobile as for me. I would like a really fast snowmobile.


Zaryc Prosser

Caleb hopes Santa brings

him a water gun

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a red ring, and dad a muser box. Give Kelsey a beautiful bearebee dole and gramu a new cumpyoter.

As for me I would like a woter gun to play with.


Caleb Greenlee

Santa, bring Rylee's

mom a picture of a moose

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a pritey pictor of moose and dad a coll brown gun. Give Tanner a cool good target for next year and Gunner a hard yummy bone. As for me, I would like a prictes vetnaryan bag with cute animals.


Rylee Nicole Johnson

Brook wants shirts for family

Dear Santa,

Please give mom a new pink shrt. And dad a hunting shrt. Give my ant a pink shrt to. And my bruthr a chaptr book. As for me I would like a monstr hi school haos and a ecshtrtoll doll.



Tanner only wants to know

how Santa delivers all the gifts

Dear Santa,

Please give dadba a new hrod hahet. And Gary a new chool shiny frtobll. Give momma a new shiny goldin dimind ring. And Kayla soom bach musoshis. As for me I would lik to new how Santa dulivrs all tose presints.




gifts for Devin

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some toys.

1. Truck

2. tran

wonolou wehoranee



A request for a

princess set

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some toys. Brbe jep


play prinsess set.

Love, Ilabel

Consistent theme

from Ayana

Dear Santa,

Please bring be some toys.

1. Viktoreis shrgs

2. a Viktoreis Mikrofon

3. a viktoreis kots

4. barbe fashifoto



Three items

listed by Jaxon

Dear Santa,

Please bring be some toys.

1. Pistl

2. Plastic Bhts

3. Clets.

Love, Jaxon

A pet hog sounds

good to Reed

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some toys.

1.spgbob osgg AM

2. Pet hog

3. Pistl gun

Love, Reed

Lanea would enjoy

a Barbie Castle

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some toys

Brby Kasl

BaBYullf dol

tednr cher

Love, Lanea

Kyler wishes for

wheeled toys

Dear Santa,

Please bringtoys.

1. Scatbord

2. Forweelr

3. Pink bendog



Creature comforts,

plus transformers

Dear Santa,

Please can you bringtoys.

1. Jacit

2. Bed.

3. Transformr toys.



Adri will be

readhy to ravel

Dear Santa,

Please bringme sum toys.

1. EESL with markrs

2,. Pesim bean bag.

3. Sootcase

4. DS



Legos rank high

with Aspyn

Dear Santa,

Please big me sum toys.

easy baker that bake coogin and evithing

Justi BiBr Prfyoume

Lagose al cis us legos.



A real dog for Ariana,

plus pink jammies

Dear Santa,

Pleaserb ingmesum toys.

1. reeldog

2. Bre haous

3. sum blox

4. jams pink



Blue must be

Jakob's favorite

Dear Santa,

Can I hav sum toy splease?

ram mans

blue shrt


Love, Jakob

Gabe appreciates Santa

Dear Santa,

I would like a dsi and a weponizer. How are you doing with Mrs. Claus? I am. Glad you give me gifts. Thankyou.

From Gabe

Delicious drink will

be on Jayden's table

Dear Santa,

I am going to put chocolate egg nog on the table. How have you and Mrs. Clause been doing. Can I please have a cool R.C Cr and. A real spy set? Have a good holaday Hav a safe flight.

Love, Jayden

Hayvn wonders about

reindeer flight training

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer?Are the reindeer taking test flights? Santa am I on the nice list. For Christmas I would like a orbeeze soothing spa. I've been watching the reindee on the reindeer cam.

Chirstmas is my favorite holiday! Do you where you Chistmas outfit well you sleep? What is your favorite color? Does Mrs. Claus bake cookies for you? Have I been bad? You are the nicest of all!

Love, Hayvn Quinn Morrison

Second grade

Ty is a baseball fan

Dear Santa,

I like baseball this year. Are you doing OK Santa? I like baseball please send me something with Troy Tulowitzki on it Santa and MErry Christmas.

Ty from Riverton

What are reindeer fed?

Dear Santa Claus,

How are The Reindeer and Mrs'CLaus and The Elves And How ARe You? I guess All of You are Doing good. You will be busy on Christmas

What do you feed the Rein'deer? And what do you feed the Evels? I want a snow Board For Christmas.

Love, Raine

Second grade

Azaniah wonders if Santa

watched all the boys and girls

Dear Santa,

Have you been watch me make a Chrstmas list? What have you been doing? Have you been watching all the boys and girls? Would you like some cookies and some corrots for your reindeer? Can I please have a RC helicopter and a 3D-5 and a i-pad.

Love, Azaniah

Jazmine hopes Christmas

doesn't come to an end

Dear Santa Claus,

How are the elves and reindeer? I hope you and Mrs. Claus are having a good time. I have been nice to my friends and family. What kind of cookies do you like?

I hope Christmas doesn't end. I want a puppy and a stuffed animal tiger.

Love, Jazmine

Second grade

Shalayna is OK with

whatever Santa brings

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you and also how is the reindeer? How is Mrs Claus? Does Mrs Claus make you cookies? I hope you have a great time when you go to the houses and be careful because of the snow.

I want a Ipad and a big doll set and what ever you get me. I will still like it. Tell mrs claus that I said hi!



Young Hunter would

like a couple of arrows

Dear santa.

I would like to have for Christmas is a toy truck and a cuple of arrows for my bow. I would like a computer and a Ipod and a mug and 10 packs of legos and a new Wyoming Cowboys rug.



No. 2 true believer

asking for dolls

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Jenise Shay Long and what I want is a baby alive, monster high dolls and Novi Stars, and teddy bears, and some stuffed animals.

From: Your #2 true beliver

I am 6 years old

Born in December 30, 2006, 5 days after your job Please make my wish come true! And my top teeth.

Santa's No. 1 believer

would like seven iPods

Dear Santa

If you please for me set me a laptop so I can talk to my sister without having a phone when she's on facebook and seven Ipods because my Aunt Trenna can't afford one. I think she'll like it and if see don't than I'll give it to someone else and my mom got hers stolen so I want to give her a knew one. Also if you Please get me an Ipad too.

From: Your #1 true beliver

Makayla Russell

By the way I'm 12 years old going to be 13 in March. March 22, 2000, is when I was born. Bye.

Colton would like

Santa as a penpal

Dear Santa Claus,

I have lots of question to ask you? I am wondering how your reindear are flying and doing? There is a lot of children out there that have been really good. They really love you Santa. How are the elves doing? Are they doing really good?

If we keep writing letters to each other we can communicate from the North Pole and Wyoming.

I am wondering if Mrs Claus is good? When it is Chistmas can you bring Jackfrost with you and the Easter bunny and Sandman and the tooth fairy?

I wonder if you and Mrs. Claus are making lots of present's to all of the kid's that have been so good?

Sincerely Colton

2nd Grade

Sean wishes Santa

a safe trip south

Dear Santa,

How are you and the reindeer doing? I have been very good at school because I am learning new things.

Would you like egg nog with your cookies? I wish that you and the reindeer have a safe flight here to Riverton. Do you like to read? I do like to read too. Is reading fun Santa Claus?

I would like an I pad because a computer is the only thing we have.



2nd grade

Ava loves to read,

wants a new book

Dear Santa Claus,

How are your elves doing? How is Mrs Claus doing? Santa Claus do you like to read? I Love to read Santa. I want a new Wii game please. Can I also have a toy of you and Mrs Claus. I want a Book of I wanna a gwana a lot becase that is a good Book.



Marion can't wait for

Christmas to come

Dear Santa,

How are you and the reindeer and the Elves and mrs. Claus? Can you Bring me a Butterscoch Horse. I cant wait for Christmas.



2nd Grade

Espransa almost forgot

about the iPad she wants

Dear Santa Claus

How are the reindeer doing? Is it cold in the north pole? How are you and mrs. claus doing?

I appreciated the bare claw bracelet.

Can you bring Me, pretty please a guinea pig and an Easter Bunny. Have a safe trip. How are the elues doing? P.S I will put a cup of warm egg nog oN My table. I almost for got, can you bring me an Ipad.


Espransa Roman

2nd grade

Amanda wants a barbie

that can take pictures

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing with the reindeer? Can I Please have a Puppy and a barbie that take's pictures I would also like a cat and and a 3D-S



2nd Grade

Hanna wonders what

Santa feeds his reindeer

Dear Santa

I have been Very good sometimes. I want to Know what do you feed the rein deer?

Do you feed them carrots? Do you feed them Bread? How have you been with the elves?

Do you have fun with Mrs. Claus?

Can you get me a play dog?


Hanna, 2nd grade

Kess is all about

the video games

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like to have the new Wii U and a Laptop, and Assassin's Creed 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Thank you,


Kess Ryan

Hunter asks for a new

bike and Mario game

Dear Santa

I want a new Bike and I want to look like a new Bike with skulls on the handles and a Nintendo 3 DS and the new game Mario



Zarek would like a

furry friend this year

Dear Santa,

I am a very good kid but I was being mean to my sister. I want a black spotted puppy please.

Your friend,


Estrella is curious about

the North Pole workshop

Dear Santa

How do the elves make toys? I want a Belgehorse but give it to grampa Tom he lives in Crowheart and I want a pink truck and a horse blanket.



'Kind of good' Michelle

would like a toy phone

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer. I've been kind of good at home and at school. Will you bring me a toy phone please?



Eric 'can't wait' until Christmas

Dear Santa

I have been good this year How are you doing I can't wait until Christmas. I have a note I want an Ipad.



Taylor will trade baked

goods for holiday gifts

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me an IPod Touch? How are your reindeer doing? I will bake you something good. I really really want a puppy with an x-Box 360 with a game and a 4x4 truck with shocks.

Thank you,



Nyielle asks after

Santa's 'little friends'

Dear Santa,

I Love December 25 because it is fun. Santa I'm bad. I just Said that because my Mom said "Nyielle. Santa is not giving you toys." Santa I like you because you give kids' toys. I want a game With an X-box. Are your little friends ok?



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