Dear Santa ... (part four)

Dec 23, 2012 Santa letter writers

Makael wants to swim

with Barbie from Santa


I would like to have swmen brbe

Makael, 5

Taylor will play Mario

games this Christmas


I would like to have a DS Mreo!

Taylor, 5

Julian drew Santa

a reindeer picture

Dear Santa

I'd like a 3DS and I've ben good and DsixL and uooo mikrusoft poonts

Love Julian, 7

Tearany has been

good enough for four

exclamation marks

Dear Santa

I wont a now bike and a phon to. and a gumball mushin. and a. ipode tuch. to. and stufft animals. to and I ben good!!!!

From Tearany

Age 7

A baby brother could

sit on Madison's lap

Dear Santa

I won't a Lolalulopsy doll please. And can I have a eye pod tuch please. Also can I have a lap pease.

And can I have a baby brother? I have ben good.

Love Madison, 8

(Madison included a drawing of Santa)

Amanda wanted to

write her own letter

Dear Santa

I wrot you but I didin't do all of it and I want to have a Ipod, food, phone, stompes the bunny, baby dolls, baby sistr, baby brothr.

Love Amanda Wilson, 7

Mrs. Claus will give

Kylie's note to Santa

Dear Mis Claus

Can you tel santa claus to git me a Justin Bieber dol.

by Kylie

Fake blood appears

on Gabrielle's list

Dear Santa,

I will like a lap top and a Ipod and a poney. DSi with games. Mostr high diy hirh and a videyo camre and howoy's fake blood. and stories.

Love Gabrielle, 7

Brendan gets

right to the point

Dear Santaclaus.

I wudd like a psp and a roolr skas and I am good

Brendan, 8

Rylee wants a bowling

alley in the house

Dear Santa

i want an iPod tuch

a Bolling corse in my house

a phone a dsxi

a phone cuver

a poll

a cowch

a dog bed for my dogs

Rylee, 8

All electronics plus

candy for Jason

Dear Santa

I would like a xbox 360. An new Ipod touch. and candy. nfl game for my xbox 360 I've been realy good.

Love Jason

Age 7

Santa gets a secret

request for a 3DS

Der Sonta

I no you dont do lech roniks but i wunt a 3ds my list wil com in son

Presents for Donald

go under the tree

Dear Santa

I have been mostly good this year. This year I want a race trak for some remot centroled cars. I also want some more nerf guns. Under my christamas tree.

Your friend

Donald, 8

Gracie asks Mrs. Claus how

Santa gets his job done

Dear Mas Claus,

How is it like to live in the north pole? Haw dus Santu go to evere haws in the World? I send a letter to Santa but then I wunder ubawt you Mrs. Close.


Gracie, 7

Two remote control

requests from Jace

Dear Santa,

I want a remot control er plane and a stuft animal bunny and a remot control robot I wus a good boy

Love, Jace, 6

Tristan is very


in Santa's list

Dear Santa,

How do you fell do you fell mad sad glad How do you fed your ders How are you do you Have a list do you do you.

Love, Tristan

Have the elves been good

or bad? Larissa asks

Dear Sat C,

How R yoy afs r tha been good r bad em i em bad r good. satu i love you.

Love, Larissa

Jace wants to see

where Santa lives

Dear mom,

I wot to see the red nose ran dir and you alfs to and the Narth Pol.

Love, Jace, 6

Mom and dad have their orders

Dear mom and dad,

presenets and toys grls.

Love (no name)

Perhaps a science set

will come for Ryan

Dear Santa.

I wot a grol prtetr o and a siescet o and mi okol sach

Your friend

Ryan, 7

Nathan wonders if

Santa gets cold

Dear Santa.

Ar you clod at the North Pole? i wunt a xbox 36Dee and a 30Des and a motein chrol rase car.

Your friend.

Nathan, 7

Kae gave Santa

an itemized list

Dir Satu

I wot a sonic bit yogam

a toy hoors

a mooves

a puwos

a stuffunuml.


Mallory wants a fairy

with a specific name

Dear Santa,

What I realy want for Christmas is a, iPod, Art kit, new 3DS game, new fairy named iridessa also vidia, and a pain of makeup. thank you for visiting our house. hope you have a safe trip and a happy marry x-mas!

Sinsirly, Mallory, 8

First thing's first from

Samantha -- Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

Merry Christms please bring me a wulking dog and 3D dot board

Samantha, 5

Mayci says thanks for

presents last year

Dear Santa,

Thank-you for my presents last year. I have been really good! I would like a 3DS and a iPad and a teacher stuff to playschool.

Your Friend, Mayci, 7

Lots of love goes

from Maleah to Santa

Dear Santa,

Thank-you for my presents last year. I have been really good. I would like my own ipad this year. and some make-up please.

I hope you have a good trip. Lots of love!

Your friend, Maleah, 4

(Maleah drew a racing riding car on the back of her letter)

This will be Molly's

first Christmas

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl! I hope you have had a good summer. I would like a rattle and a light up toy. Thank-you for thinking of us.

Your friend,

Molly, 7 months

Madesyn gets

to the point

Dear Santa

I want a baby buggy a bairbe dall

Madesyn, 6

Rudolph is Gabby's

favorite reindeer


I wud like a ipad and irls. wud luike sum cuke do end my bruthr too be nis too my and my uon rder the raner cin th rade to be roodof becus i rile like roodof

Gabby Robinson, 6

Matalah has been

trying to be good


I want a big Barbie House, a Baby Alive that pottys, a doctor baby, and a baby that walks. I've been trying to be a good girl.

P.S. I also want a Ken and Barbie that get married.

Matalah, 5

Reindeer are first

concern for Laia

Dear Santa,

How is the reindeer? I would like a IPad and a DS and snowman and a grinch.

Love Laia

Someone wants

a million puppies

Dear Santa,

I would like a neo cuver and a I pad and a millein puppys. I would love to live with my mom to plzase.

Zachary is sure

to say thank you

Dear Santa

I want a transet, a nerf gon a remote control car rase car track.

Thank you for bringig us presents.

love Zachary, 6

Writing his letter

was a gift for Leim

Dear Santa

thank yuwe for the presits and I am ride this and can yuwe get me the megflesh web share for cismis

Love Leim

Kylie likes that Santa

brings toys to children

Dear Santa

I love Santa because he brings lots of toys to kids I would like a ipod and baby wana walk and a cake pop bake. thank you

Kylie, 6

Walter J says he's

been a good boy

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I would like an xbox 360 and remote control halo car.

Walter J

Only a reindeer

will do for Beto

dear Santa

I want a riandeer for cristmas and that is all i want for cristmas

your frend

Beto, 7

(Beto included a drawing of a reindeer with a leash)

Dante remembered to

say he's been a good boy

Dear Santa

I want a remote control Helicopter. I want a ninendo DS. and a PSP. I want some cars. and a toy motorcycle. and some Legos. I Been a Good Boy

Dante Sixtoes, 7

Afton wants her lips

to be bright this year

Dear Santa

I have been good this year. How have you and Mrs. Claus been? I want lipstick (bright), Santa thank you for reading this. Santa you are important. Santa you know when everyone is bad and good. I would also like some girl legos, a blue shirt. Please also a vampire monster high doll. Have a safe trip!

Love Afton, 6

Sheridan has only

been 'partly good'

Dear Santa

I have been partly good this year. I want brick arms legos, a bow & arrows, city legos and the robers and star wars. I would like new army video games for the xbox 360 and ps3. p.s see you next year.

Your friend

Sheridan Powell, 9

Santa got cookies

from Bryce last year

Dear Santa

Howwr the reindeer? Did you eat the cookies i made? I want air jordan basketball shoes and an ipad.

Love Bryce

Gavin will name his

new train Mavis

Dear Santu.

I have bine good. may I have a train set?

I want a train named mavis ples


Gavin, 6

Destiny wonders what

the North Pole is like

Dear Santa,

I've Been very Good. is it nice to Live at the North Pole?

I want a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and Christmas pencils, also a note book a pink one and board games and a little fan and a pool

Love Destiny Spoonhunter, 7

Davian has an

efficient list

Dear Santa,

i want a hot wheels car. Hulk legos. Puppets hands.

Your friend,

Davian, 5

Megan wants a car

for her flying Barbie

Dear Santa,

I would like a doll, with eyelashes. I want snow. I would like a flying Barbie. I want a boat. I

would also like you to bring me a barbie car thats purple.

Thank you for coming to our house Santa. Hope you travel safe bringing us toys.


Megan, 3

Kylar strikes a

deal with Santa

Dear Santa

Here is my list.

Remote Boat,

helliptor, bow and arrow. I'll leave out cookies and millik.

Kylar Bennett, 7

Cool vehicle for

good boy Jace

Dear Santa

I want a remote control terrain twister vehicle. I have been a good boy.


Age 6

Legos would be

nice for Kaden

Dear Santa

It would be nice if you could bring me Legos.

Kaden, 6

Erasmo honest about being

'good most of the time'

Dear Santa.

I have being good most of the time and I want a new car and a ball and a santaclause movie.


Footwear is only item

on Selena's list

Dear Santa,

I would lke flipflops.

Love, Selena

Biron wishes for

electronic gadget

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like IPad.

Love, Biron

Ethan drew picture

of sleigh and reindeer

Dear Santa,

I would like Spiderman!


(Ethan's letter included a color picutre of Santa's sleigh and reindeer)

Super hero Christmas

list for Neo

Dear Santa,

I would like SPiDERMAn.

Loe, Neo Doviblock

Anthony wants to

travel on two wheels

Dear Santa,

I would like a new bike.

Love, Anthony

(Anthony's letter included a picture ofwrapped presents)

Tyra wants a roof

over Barbie's head

Dear Santa,

I want a teddy bear, a Santa toy, and a Barbie with a house.


Shaynie's request

is a popular one

Dear Santa,

I would like to have an IPAb.

Love, Shaynis Moss

This Christmas gift would purr

Dear Santa,

I would like a cat.

Love, Jo Fllt

A doll would

please Iione

Dear Santa,

I would like a doll.

Love, Iione

Arionna starts her

list with a deer

Dear Santa,

I want a deer, a horse, and a puppy and a cat.


Terrell's letter

had a picture, too

Dear Santa,

I would like a skateboard.

Love, Terrell

(Terrell also drew a picture of a tree with presents)

Just one request

from Aneelina

Dear Santa

I would like dolls.

Love, Aneelina

Ices probably

means a doll

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like boll.

Love, Ices b

Santa will know

what this is

Dear Santa,

I would like a LAT.

Marlle Ute, Love

A classic Christmas

request from Isabella

Dear Santa,

I would like a Barbie doll.

Love, Isabella

Ride with Santa sounds

fun for Angel

Dear Santa,

I love you.

I would love to ride on your sled with you.

I will be good.

Please bring your reindeer.

Angel, age 5

A ball and a doll

for Tanksi

Dear Santa,

I want a SpongeBob Basketball and Lalaloopsi doll.


Tyne hopes for

someting to cuddle

Dear Santa,

For Christmas please I want a teddy bear and a doll.


(Tyna's letter was colored in bright orange and blue)

Marquez would

keep in touch

Dear Santa,

I would like to have a Batman phone.


Three items listed

by Devon

Dear Santa,

I want a halo guy, a whistle, and I would like a basketball.


Feline and canine

gifts for Ray

Dear Santa,

I want a dog and a cat.


Lyric is a fan of

Harry Potter

Dear Santa,

I would like to have a Harry Potter magic wand for Christmas.


Uneik's list has

an animal theme

Dear Santa,

I want a dog, a toy monkey and a cat.


Could Santa pay

a visit, please?

Dear Santa,

I want a phone and a Christmas tree, and for Santa to come see me. And a Spider man toy.


Sponge Bob tops

Nellie's list

Dear Santa,

I want a toy Sponge Bob Squarepants and a Lololoopsy.


Popular Lalaloopsy

requested by Dorothy

Dorothy has a

favorite present

Dear Santa,

I want a Lalaloopsy phone doll for Christmas.


Brooklyn used a

pretty piece of paper

Dre Sata,

Ples canyou toidlat and a Bobelr.

Love, Brooklyn

Age fif 5 grade yes.

(Brooklyn's letter was on candy-stripe paper)

Jeremiah did original

artwork with letter

Dear Santa,

This is me.

Love, Jeremiah.

(Jeremiah drew a picture of himself on a bike.)

Counting on Santa to

know who wrote

Dear Santa Claz,

Iy like a cad.


(This letter had no signature)

Andrew gets along

with his brothers

Dear Santa,

How are you? I have been good this year. I playe dnice with my VBrothers. please bring me I pod Nano, a atch, and fish for my fish tank.

And Santa I hope you have a MEry Christmas.

Love, Andrew

One initial will

have to be enough

Dear Sa,

I want a helicopter manchie.


Alitah has a taste

for chocolate


I wot sticrs. I wot a Big choclit. I wot a myonsister. I wot a heres tilegrmyverom. I wot a now O2, I wot a lot uv cabns.

I wot a jump haws. I wot fode2. I wot a now backpac. I wot a now Bascitball. I wot a now macap. I wot a now bed.

I wot a hors. I wot a doj. I want a wall cloc.


No small bear will

do for Trevor

Dear Santa,

I wot a BIG Tade Bar in Big Iriti tk nyuw.


Keira hopes mostly

good will suffice

Dear Santa,

I have been mostly good. I want a Dora House for Kesmes. Do you mek a lot of toys?

Love, Keira

Age 5


Isaac likes remote

control trucks

Dear Santa,

I wan a for weir and a mok kunrol Shruk.

Frum Isaac

Sammy helped his

mom and dad

Dear Santa

I have been GOOD. I

helped my Mom and Dad. So I would like for Christmas I want a Barbi. I want a makeup kit. I want a DS Game toy horse.

Love, Sammy MIles

Glowing pillow

sounds good to Iris

Dear Santa,

Look oll aranb the tree Santa. A gloing pilo pet. hoollhoop. Gloing pilo. A chran it gos bi itsself. To matick tos.


Short and sweet

for Kip


I want a Wie.


Amiah hopes North

Pole summer was good

Dear Santa

I hope you had a grate summer. I would like a pup. And a nook.

Love, Amiah

Nate asks for a

car and a truck

Dear Santa,

I would like a remote Kontrol monster truck. I would also like a toy car.

Santa, I really hope you have a good Christmas this year.

From Nate.

Kyle says it's back

to work for Santa

Dear Santa,

Was summer nice? OK, now it's back to work Santa.

Please bring me some flippers for the pool. They will be fun.



Hailey wishes Santa

a safe Christmas trip

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus?

I hope you have a safe ride. I want a American doll. Then I want a I Pod.

Love, Hailey

If it's no trouble,

a tree for Casey

Dear Santa,

How are the raindeer and how is MIssis Clos?

I hope this wont be any trubl if I could have my own Christmas tree in my room,.

Love, Casey

How does Santa

make those toys?

Dear Santa,

How do you make toys?

PS can I come to your house

From Travis

Someone has been

mostly good this year

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year, except for not sharing with my brother. Well some times he likes to play with toy trucks. I want a monster

Josie wants Santa

to write her back

Dear Santa,

Are you rele santa? well ritgh me back. I want cae's. I bet you are funny? Give me a stocking.

Your friend

Josie, 6

A tree house will

make Xavier happy

Dear Santa

Dear Santa why do I wot for cristnas I wot xbox E6 and I tree house christmas.

Your friend

Xavier, 7

This request includes

a light-up notebook

Dear Santa,

I wut a scooer with a bew with it and a wig with a cuirhrher and I wut a lidup pesin not book and I wut a fegr new polish and I wut a tecrbew weasing with ages


This is the best time

of the year for Maci

Dear Santa,

Hi haw are you? I am good. I would like a tv stand and a tv to go with the tv stand. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Love, Maci

Ellanie wants two

gifts from Santa

Hi Santa

I love you. Please bring me stompies and a microphone

Ellanie Forbis, 5

Zach wants a birthday

visit from Santa Claus

Dear Santa

I would like a computer. Three new ninja's. A bebe gun. And you to come to my bday and elf's. A DS to. A pet water snake.

Thank Zach

Zachary, 6

Liz loves Santa

Hi Santa

I love you please bring me some stompies.

Liz Abeyta, 6

Parker wants a

pogo stick

Hi Santa

I love you plese please bring me a pogo stick

Parker Longtine, 6

Santa is nice to Dallin

Dear Santa,

I love you bekus you are nice. Haw are yow efs. Wut I wot for crismis is drill sergent and Hex dug and skiladrs ciyit.

Love, Dallin, 7

Talia wants Santa

to bring her snow

Dear Santa,

Will you please get me a train and the movie Polar Express, and some snow to play in. I will be a good girl. Thank you!

Talia, age 3

Karson's family

needs a windmill

Dear Santa,

I would like Action Figures, a battle ship, a xbox a 3D movie a Christmas a stuffed animal. My very own markers, a big dog. Can you bring my family a windmill and a stuffed elf like Bob Duncan Elf to play with. And a big one please. And my own Nutcraker for my room. & craft things for my room & my very own glue stick for my room.

Tell Rudolph Hi. How are all the other Reindeer doing

Love Karson Rabern

Age 6

Gabby and Riddick

got to the point

Dear Santa,

I would like a German Shephard.

Love Gabby, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like a John Deere Tractor.

Love Riddik, age 2

Logynn says what

his brothers want

Dear Santa,

I am Logynn, I am 2 1/2. I would like a doll, a Dora gymastics, and Karsyn wants shoes with wheels and Parker wants a Hulk DNA Kit, they are my brothers

Love you,

Logynn Longtine

age 2 1/2

Mirakai has grown

a lot this year

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year and I have grown a lot because I eat good!

This year I really want a chair, a remote control puppy, cars, a bottle to feed my baby and sun glasses.

Thank you!

Mirakai Dodge, 3 years

Chyauna knows about

taking a long trip

Dear Santa,

I have had a good year and been good too! I haven't grown much but mom says that's OK! (I would like a remote control puppy, dolls, a chair, more dress ups, space dolls, lip stick, Mr and Mrs Claus dolls and a reindeer toy.

Thank you! Have a good trip and i am sorry its so long... we went to Utah and it took so long so i understand. I'll leave cookies

Chyauna Dodge

Age 6 years

Be watching for e-mail from

Nikiyla's mom this year

Dear Santa,

(I have grown a lot and i have been good! (I would like a lap top, movie; hotel Transylvania, ds, ipod, big jewelry box, books, boots, glass dolls, remote control helicopter, mechanical pencils and monster high dolls. (I will be in a different house next year but my mom said she'd email you. Have a great ride! I'll make sure you get cookies and milk :)

Nikiyla Dodge

Victoria thinks she is

Santa's biggest fan

Dear Santa Claus,

Thanks you for all the Christmas presents you gave me in the years before now. Well, it's that time of year again. MY FAVORITE PART OF THE YEAR!

I think I was a good girl this year. All I want for Christmas are an ipad and some DS games. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year! Can you please send me a picture of yourself?

I think I am going to grow up to be a good girl. Right? My mom would like some chocolate (of course) and to always be with her family. I don't blame her.

My dad wants something, I'm not sure what. I think my mom and dad had both been very good children like me. Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Claus, and all your elves! Be sure to take my present I left for you by the cookies and milk! MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your biggest fan (I think),


Jayden give clothes

sizes to help Santa

Dear Santa,

I would like a barbie house with dolls. I hae been a really good kid this year. I always would like to have some clothes. My shirt size is 7 and my pant size is a 8 and same for my PJs.

I am a 4 1/2-year-old girl, so I am having my mommy write this letter to you. I would like to thank you and have a merry Christmas.



Blake's brother will

play with anything

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a toy pump shotgun that you can shoots darts and a sope that goes on and off that you can look a long ways? Happy Christmas to you too! I like all you elves and you too.

Can you bring my little brother a lot of cars?

He doesn't care what you bring him. He will play with anything. So you can get him whatever you want.

Thank you Santa!

Love, Blake and Eli

A Shrinky Dinky would

make Hayley happy

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is some socks and a phone and a shrinky dinky.

I am age 6. Thank you Santa.

Love Hayley Brooke Reed

Alondra illustrated

her Christmas list

Dear Santa,

I Alondra would like

(three hand-drawn pictures follow).

Tristan has safety

message for Santa

Dear Samta,

How jave you been? I would like a car that looks like marion and a cmputer and a nintendo 3ds. Fly safe, Santa.

Tristan, second grade

New bike tops

Destiny's list

Dear Santa

How has Mrs. Clause been? How have you been? For Christmas I want a new bike and some stompies Plus a makeup set.

Love, Destiny, second grade

Samanth and friend

have been good

Dear Santa,

I have been good. How have you been? Have you been watching me and my friend? Can I have a monster high doll?

Love, Samantha

Marcus says Santa

ia a cool dude

Dear Santa,

How's it going, dude?

You are cool and so are your elves.

I wish I could get a basketball for Christmas that could play in the cold all right.

Merry Christmas, cool dude!


From Riverton

Eddy asks for two types of gun

Dear Santa,

How are you doing?

I want a sniper bb Gun and a Shot Gun that is a BBGun.

Love, Eddy

Kennen inquires about

Santa's livestock

Dear Santa,

Mery Cristmas Santa.

Ho ware yovr reindeer doing at Cristmas? ? What I want for Crist mas is a Legotrolla.



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