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Dear Santa ... (part three)

Dec 23, 2012 Santa letter writers

Aluysia Warren's Grandma On Naughty List.

Dear Santa,

I want a doll, a teddy bear, and a stuffed cat doll. I have been a good girl. My grandma always gets on the naughty list, but my grandpa doesn't. My grandpa wants a ring for my grandma.

A good girl, Alysia Warren

Memphis Barnaby Asks For New Leg For Mother

Dear Santa,

How are your elves? What are they doing? I think they are making toys. I want a helicopter, a big one, not a real one but a toy one. I also want StarWars Leggos at Kmart. My mom wants a new leg because she has a broken leg. She stepped on a rock in the mountains and broke her leg. My dad wants a new knife. That is all.

Thanks, Memphis Barnaby

Temper Tillman Wonders

How The Reindeer Are

Dear Santa,

Is it really cold up at the North Pole? What are your doing? What are the people doing? I want leggos for Christmas. I also want puzzles, a tree house and hotwheels. My mom wants a ring. My dad wants an X-box game.

Your friend, Temper Tillman

Age 5

Osco Weed Is Thoughtful

Dear Santa,

I want a little toy with a little motorcycle with controls that has a little man on there. Bring a present for my mom, a flower. My baby wants a spiderman. Bianca and Colby want Lalulcies. Oden wants a spiderman toy. I will just get a Darth Bader toy and a storm trooper for my dad. My big sister Karma wants Barbie dolls. Give my big sister Ty a little Christmas tree like my teacher's. Give Baylor a Star Wars storm trooper. I also want stickers to put on my door.

A thoughtful boy, Osco Weed.

Age 6

Jorj Crawford Needs Three Things

Dear Santa,

I want a Batman toy, a skateboard, and a hockey stick. My mom wants a playground for Christmas. My sister wants a doll. My brother wants a car. My dad likes cars.

Thank you, Jorj Crawford

Age 6

Jaymie Moon Has Been A Good Girl

Dear Santa,

I would like a doll house, computer, a tv, a trampoline, a hair band with hair in the back, and a swimming pool.

I will leave you some chocolate cookies and milk. I have been a good girl.

Love, Jaymie Moon

Age 6

Tyrus Needs Alien Movie Starring Santa Clause

Dear Santa,

What are you doing? How are your little elves? Can you get me a new Alien movie, a movie starring you, and a play ground. I would like candy canes a cookies. I need new Nike's and pajamas. I also would like books to read. Thank you.

Love, Tyrus Savage

Age 5

Linden Whiteplume Needs A Bow And Arrow

Dear Santa,

I would like to get a toy bow and arrow. My mom got cookies for you. Thank you for my present.

Love, Linden Whiteplume

Age 6

Yanella Tillman Snitches On Sister

Dear Santa,

Can you bring me some legos, a DS 3 with games. How are you? What kind of toys are you making? I was a nice girl this year. My little sister wants a baby doll, shes been kind of mean sometimes. Thank you very much.

Love, Yanella Tillman

Age 7

Harmony Monroe Will Leave Chocolate Milk

Dear Santa,

I would like to get a Barbie doll, some books and some puzzles. I will leave you some chocolate milk when you come to my house.

Love, Harmony Monroe

Age 5

Stephanie Bearstail Asks About Magic Sleigh

Dear Santa,

How does your sleigh look? Is it magic? Could you bring me a Hello Kitty Playhouse, a real computer, and a Hello Kitty play food with a kitchen. For my big brother he would like Call a Duty 3, the game. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love, Stephanie Bearstail

Age 5

Caleb Panzetanga Thanks Santa

Dear Santa,

Is it cold in the North Pole? I have been pretty good. I want a train, plane, and a gingerbread house. I also want a toy horse, teddy bear and a dinosaur. Thanks for all the stuff.

Yours truly, Caleb Panzetanga

Age 6

Creighton Wants Suprises

Dear Santa,

I wood like a hot wheels terrain twister, the other thing I wood like is a remote control helicoper fly crane with wreaking ball, and some surprises!!!!

Love, Creighton

Rylee Reminds Santa To

Feed The Elves And Reindeer

Dear Santa,

Love you very much and I wish I could give you a really big hug. Remind the elves to eat well and feed the reindeers pie. I would like (PRETTY PLEASE) a stroller, Princess Belle stuff and a new water bottle. Thanks very much.

Love, Rylee

Age 3

Cedar Ridge Darr Wants

To Learn Music

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a musical learning toy. I love musical things!

Love, Cedar Ridge

Age 16 months

Aspen Darr Not Sure What She Wants

Dear Santa,

I'm not sure what I want this year, so please surprise me. I will leave cookies for you and carrots for your reindeer.

Love, Aspen Darr

Age 5

Zoey Darr Will Remember

Carrots For The Reindeer

Dear Santa,

For crismis I want a time for your check up doll doc mcstufings. And we wont forget the millk or the cookies and especially the cairits!

Love, Zoey Darr

Age 6

Kalita T. Wants A Barbie House

Dear Santa,

I want a bratz game and a color book and a barbie house with a pillow and lights and a lot of presents.

Kilita Tillman

1st grade

Janice Azbill Offers

Grass To Santa's Reindeer

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Is it hard to deliver presents to everyone? My name is Janice. I'm eight years old. I want an Ipod for Christmas. I can listen to music on it. I would like you to bring my little sister a stuffed animal. I will leave you cookies and your reindeer can eat the grass in my yard. O Hope you have a safe ride delivering presents.

Sincerely your friend, Janice Azbill

Age 8

Jalen Needs A Computer

Dear Santa,

Are you doing ok, santa? How are the reindeer santa? Is it cold in the north pole? I'm eight years old and in 3rd grade. I live in Fort Washakie. Please bring me a computer. I will play Y8 games, write a letter to my grandma, or watch a movie on it. Please bring my grandma a jewelry box for her earrings. That will make her happy. I will bake you a pumpkin pie and leave you milk. I hope you have a great Christmas santa.

Sincerely, Jalen Tillman

Age 8

Darren H. Needs A Laptop

Dear Santa,

How are you?? Is it hard to deliver presents? My name is Darren. How are your reindeer?

I live in Fort Washakie. I'm 8 years old. I would like a laptop computer because I would listen to music and videos. I could play Y8 games. Please bring my brother an Ipod because he broke his old one. I will bake you chocolate chip cookies and leave you milk. Have a great Christmas. I hope you have a good holiday. Have a safe Christmas delivering presents to everybody.

Sincerely, Darran Hurtado

Rebecca Tyler

Admires Santas Bag

Dear Santa,

How are you and your elves? I am eight years old. I am in 3rd grade. I am a girl. My name is Rebecca Joyce Tyler. At home Carmen and I will make brownies with milk just for you. My family will give you a present. It will be nice. We like your outfit and your reindeer.

Is the bag really heavy for your sled? It looks huge! The brownies will be at the table. I hope you like them.

Santa please bring me a swimming pool. I want to play with my sister in there. We can do back flips and play Marko Polo.

Sincerely, Rebecca Tyler

Age 8

Jarrod F. Inquires Of Mrs. Clause

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the elves and the reindeer doing? How is Mrs. Clause? Is the workshop working? Are the toys wrapped? My name is Jarrod Ferris. I em 9 years old. I am in 3rd grade.

Can I get a video game called Cars? I want this game because when I get bored I could play my game. When frends come over we could play my game. Please bring my brother Latrell Halo 4 the video game. I want to make my brother happy. I will leave you milk and cookies and leave hay on top of my roof for the reindeer.

Santa, thank you for making all of the toys.

Sincerely, Jarrod Ferris

Age 9

Prince S. Wants Video Games

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Are the reindeer ok? My name is Prince. I am an 8 year old boy who likes to play sports. I am in 3rd grade and I like to play sports. I am in 3rd grade and I like to play video games. I live on North Fork Road in Fort Washakie. For Christmas I would like a new game called halo 4. It's a fun game. I can play with my friends. We can be on teams and I can use a jetpack to fly. In halo I can customize my character and wear armor when we fight. It's a fun game. Please bring my brother a present. The name of the game he likes is Gears of War 2. I will leave peanut butter cookies and some milk for you. I hope you like them.

Sincerely, Prince Stewart

Age 8

Blue G. Has A Doubting Sister

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Is it cold at the North Pole? How are the Reindeer? Are the elves the ones who make the toys? I am an 8 year old boy. I live in Fort Washakie Wy. I am in the 3rd grade at Fort Washakie School.

I would like a green skate board with red wheels. I would do trucks on it. I would take care of it. I would wear a helmet and pads. I will leave you sugar cookies and milk. I would get the cookies from a store in Riverton. I would get the milk at Wal-Mart. My little sister thinks your not real. What do you do at the North Pole? How many presents do you deliver in one night?

Sincerely, Blue George

Age 8

Shyanne C. Desires Pencils

Dear Santa Clause,

Are the reindeer okay? How are you doing? Why do we celebrate Christmas? I am an eight year old girl who likes to color and bead. The pictures I like to color are roses. The things I like to bead are necklaces and bracelets. I want to make a necklace that has horses on it to give to my mom. I would like five packs of mechanical pencils and I want to get my mom some jewelry. I'm going to use the mechanical pencils for my work and my homework. I want to get my mom jewelry. Her favorite kind of jewelry is from Kay Jewelers. There will be Christmas cookies and milk for you.

Sincerely, Shyanna Charging Crow

Age 8

Anica Eagle Needs A Sweet Puppy

Dear Santa Clause,

How are you? How are the reindeer? How is the North Pole? How is Mrs. Clause? I am Anica Eagle. I am eight years old. I am in 3rd grade. I live in Wyoming. For Christmas I would like a puppy. I would like a puppy for Christmas because I like puppies. I would take care of it. I would like one because they are really, really sweet. I would like a miniature pincher, pitbull, Pomeranian or a Labrador. I would love those kind of dogs for Christmas. I will cook chocolate chip cookies for you and leave some with the cookies. I'll put them on a table in my living room by my couch. I hope you like them!

Sincerely, Anica Eagle

Age 8

Cheyenne M. Wants

To Give Santa A Gift.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How is your wife doing? Does it take a long time to deliver all of the presents? I am Cheyenne Rose Medicine Top. I am in the 3rd grade. I like to read and do math. My favorite sport is softball. My team got first place in a softball tournament. Would you bring me an Ipad for Christmas? I would play games on it and go to youtube and watch funny videos. Would you bring my baby sister Rylene a toy? She would like a cool teddy bear that would light up and sing. That would be a cool bear. The bear would be purple. That is what I want for Christmas. I will give you milk and cookies to eat. Can I give you a gift because you gave me stuff for lots of years. I want to give you something.

Sincerely your friend, Cheyenne Medicine Top

Robert T. Wants A Lava Lamp

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are your reindeer? Santa can I please have a blue lava lamp for Christmas? I think lava lamps look cool. I will put it by my tv and give my old lamp to my brothers. I been good most of the year. I always feed my dog and cat. When you come to out house there will be cookies and mlk at the table. Thank you for coming to our house.

Sincerely, Robert Tillman

Anna Has Lots Of Questions

for Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like an underwater camera, a body pillow, a ipod touch, a collection of rocks and minerals and a 30 collection of poster. Please. I sort of have a lot of questions. How man elves do you have? Do your elf's help you when you deliver presents? How many kids do you have to deliver to? What is Mrs. Clasus and your favorite color besides red? Does your sleigh fly with pixie dust? DO you have any brothers or sisters? Where do you come in the house? Do you have any kids? DO you have any pets? I can name all of your reindeer Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, and Comet, and Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen and Rudolf. And we are using Koa's Stocking for Copper. Are tree was too big to put the angle on top.

Love, Anna

p.s. This time please write back!!

Haileigh Wishes For

A Stuffed Monkey

Dear Santa,

I want a stuffed animal monkey for Christmas. And Santa I hope you can fin our new home. We will have cookies and milk waiting for you. How do the reindeer fly? Merry Christmas.

Haileigh Rushing

Jeffery Is Concerned About The Cold

Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas a BIG truck that goes realy fast. Is it cold up in the North Pole? Tell Mrs. Claus Hi. Merry Christmas Santa

Jeffery Rushing

Brailee Gives Hugs

To The Reindeer

Dear Santa,

I love you very much! Can you please give the reindeer hugs from me and give them some extra cookies to snack on. Thank you. I really want a new stroller for my baby. Hello kitty and tinkerbell stuff.

Thank you, XOXOXO, Brailee

Age 4

Jayquin J. Wonders

How The Reindeer Fly

Dear Santa,

How old are you? I am an 8 year old boy from Wyoming. I like football because we get to share the ball with other people.

My name is Jayquin Risingsun Jones. How do the reindeer fly? Where did you get the sleigh? How do you get the presents for us? I want you to get me a playset of legos called Ninjogo please santa. I will build it all by myself and use ninjas and snakes.

I will play with them. Can you give my brother a present too? For my brother he would want a basketball game that is called NBA K12 for his PSP.

This what my brother would want. I leave you cookies and milk. The cookies will be chocolate chip. They are my favorite. Are they your favorite? Thank you for the presents.

Sincerely, Jayquin Jones

Age 8

Ethan wrote two

lists for Santa

Dear Santa,

Santa how have you been doing? Is Rudolph doing good? How is Mrs. Clause doing?

I have moved to my grandma Peggy and grandpa Tim's house for a while. Will you please bring my gift here?

this is what I want for christmas:

1. Death star Lego set

2. Death star Lego set

3. Death star Lego set

4. Death star Lego set

5. Death star Lego set

6. Death star Lego set

7. Death star Lego set

8. Death star Lego set

9. Death star Lego set

10. Death star Lego set

But if you can't get me the Death star I would like:

1. Lego monster fighters the vampire castle.

2. Millennium Falcon Lego set

3. Lego star wars character encyclopedia.

4. Lego star wars the Malevolence.

5. Lego star wars Republic Striker - class starfighter.

6. Lego star wars Gungan sub.

7. Lego star wars: the visual Dictionary.

8. Lego star wars sith Fury - class interceptor.

I really want the Death star the most for christmas please!

Have a Holly jolly christmas.


Ethan Patrick Forbis.

age 7 years old

(Ethan included a drawing of Santa's workshop, including a snowman and a picture of Santa flying in his sleigh.)

Up on the rooftop drawing

comes with Emma's letter

Dear Santa,

I want A toy sword, A coloring Book and a pink gun please. There's a picture on the Back.


Emma, 7

(Emma's drawing shows Santa on the rooftop)

Two options for

gifts from Kaden

Dear Santa,

This year I would like A chapparal shooting set with 40 soft rubber pellets please if I was good this year. If you can't make the set I would like the speedy kid rifle. Please.


Kaden L. Gantenbein, 10

All about Broncos

for Desirea, cousin

Dear Santa.

I know you like the Broncos, and so do I. I wouuld like a Bronco bear, a Peyton Manning poters and a Bronco hat for winter. I have not been Naughty.



PS. my little coucin mia wonts Bronco suff too!

Yeva knows what

she wants this year

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a bike. I've been good

Love Yeva, 5

Brock remembers good

Christmases in the past

Dear Santa,

I would like an M-16 marauder rubberband gun with the scope and sling and the rubberbands, a single shot 22 rifle, and a PS3 controler.

Thanks for the years before.


Brock Hinkle

Color is important

in a gift for Brody

Dear Santa,

I'd like...

1. Pink hummer

2. blue doge

3. in close trailer

4. blue horse

5. boat

6. green machine

7. new bike

I'd like




in close


From: Brody Hinkle

Halle ranked the

gifts she'd like

Dear Santa,

I'd like...

1. IPod touch

2. beats headphones

3 American bitty twins bed

What I would

like the most


bed and ipod

what I want

the most

ipod touch

There will be a present


from Halle Hinkle

Wyatt was sure to ask

about Santa's family

Dear Santa Claus,

I've ben a vary good boy this year. I wont a Lego fire plane. Haw is Mis. Claus and Rudolph doing? Merry christmas!



All of the reindeer are

important to Ellanie

Dear Santa:

How are the elves? Please can I have a microphone and a piano and can I have a violin. I want Stompeez too.

I live at my grandma Peggy's house. I will leave you some cookies and milk. How are the reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus doing? How is Rudolph doing? How is Cupid doing? How is Dancer?


Ellanie Forbis, 5

Everyone is included

in McAye's wish list

Dear Santa,

I don't know if I've been good this year, but my mom and dad say that I have. And anyway, I really hope everybody in my family is on the nice list.

But I've been thinking, and for Christmas I would like a Fur Real Friend my happy to see me pup, Just Dance 4 for the Wii, and Just Dance 4 for the D.S. please.

And for my brother Tye, he has been wanting a stack wagon and the big crane at Big R.

I'll just do Macey and Camey together because they want the same things for Christmas, well almost the same.

Macey and Camey both want a Wii at our house, but I don't know why we can't just move the Wii from my grandma and grandpa's house to our house.

Oh ya, we can't move the Wii to our house because my grandpa likes to bowl and play golf on the Wii. So that's why we can't move the Wii to our house.

Macey would also like Troll Beads and Camey would like lunch money. And my mom and dad would like a bigger chair for the living room.

What kind of cookies do you like best, and this year what would you like to drink? Milk or hot cocoa?

I hope you and Mrs. Clause have a very Merry Christmas. And tell the reindeer Merry Christmas, too. The reindeer can either have carrots or hay. Please write back before Christmas so I know what to give you.

Merry Christmas!!


McAye Fegler

age 8

(McAye included a Santa ornament with her letter)

Mrs. Claus was missing

at the helicopter event

Dear Santa,

I am 4 years old and go to Trinity Lutheran Preschool. I am going to be in the School Christmas Program and the Sunday School Christmas Program where I play the chimes.

What have you been doing since you came to visit in the helicopter? Where was Mrs. Clause? How are your reindeer and elves?

I think I've been a good girl, I hope so.

For Christmas I've been asking for a Barbie movie and a Barbie book, a Doc McStuffins Kit, a tea set, Friends Lego's especially a big house and an American Girl doll, an Aurora and Jasmine Christmas ornament, a butterfly dream light and I also love bath beads.

I will leave Oreo cookies and milk out for you because you must have really liked them last year; all that was left was crumbs.

And save a couple of cookies for Mrs. Clause

We don't have a chimney so I'll leave "Santa's" big silver key out for you.

Please be careful while you're traveling


Tylynn McDonald, 4

Evan looks forward to

jumping on his jumpoline

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. How are your reindeer? Is it cold in the North Pole? This year I would like to have a karoke machine, a Nintendo DS, a monster truck, a jumpoline and an airplane (remote control). I will leave cookies and milk for you.


Evan Jacob Oldman, 4 years old.

Jerseys, games top

Matt's list of requests

Dear Santa

I have been good this year. How are you doing in the north pole. this year all I want for christmas is call of duty: black ops 2, a new xbox 360 controller, a movie called WWE Attitude era, a champ bailey or von miller official jersey, and madden 13 the game.



Santa will find Dakayda

at her mountain cabin

Dear Santa,

My name is Dakayda Yarber and I am 4 year old. For Christmas I would like a cookie machine, and play dough. I have been a good girl. I have a new baby sister named Dakstyn, she is 7 week old. Can you please bring her onesies and socks.

My dog Sammie Girl would like a chew bone and Sweater. We will be at our family cabin in the mountains. We will leave you some milk and some cookies.

Thank you Santa.

Dakayda Yarber

Kanin saw Santa

twice this year

Dear Santa,

My name is Kanin Dean Walters. It was so nice seeing you at the Fire Station and at Rick and Linda's on the helicoptor. This year I would like a present.



Healthy snacks

from Tristan

Der Santa Clas, wy do you bring presents on cistmas ev? I', giving you a caret on cistmas and I'm giving the rang der a Bag of caret to. Is rode of real?

Love, Tristan

Jaxon would like

to roll along


Dear Santa,

I want repste. and rolrblads. I love Santa. I like you to Santa. I been good.



Casey doesn't want

reindeer to go hungry

Der Santa,

I was gooden scol my dade was good. please feed your rander. Please fill my stocking.



Brief Christmas

list for Anika


princicess castle. Barbie.


Kade is a friend

of Santa's

Dear Santa,

I want a football. and a call of duty black ops 2. and a remote control helicopter and a 3DS. and I want collectable cars. and sticker mario and that is all.

and I have Ben good.

Your friend,


Two-wheeler would

make Kaila happy

Dear Santa,

for Christmas I want a Bike and flawus.


Craig requests

as climate report

Dear Santa,

How cold is it at the North Pole?

I want a Mario Brothers DS game. Thank you Santa.


Action heroes

appeal to Logan


I want a web shooting spiderman and a smashing hulk.


Decian wants

a remote control toy


I wud lik spinet bnokyolr. sd remot kintril snak it an divign got and a pen thattr invibin and thar salit that le to use that ink.


Sean has been good

and he knows it

Dear Santa,

How are you?

Santa can I have a Mario lego car, please. I know I am good and I desere it.

Yhour buddy,


An Xbox each

for Venus and Conrad

Dear Santa,

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays. For Christmas I want an Xbox and Butterscotch the pony, you can pick which one.

I can have I choose the Xbox.. Merry Christmas.

From Venus Abrams

and Conrad Abrams

Tyra just wants to dance

Dear Santa,

I would like a Just Dance 4 video camera, any T.V. for my room, and a lot of jewelry.

Love, Tyra Nelson. 9

Anything but coal!

Dear Santa,

I would like some new clothes, jewelry, a Barbie house, candy, and anything else but coal please.

Love, Adri

Mario on Six Screens

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I want a 3-DS, WiiU, DSi, clothes, fake nails, and jewelry.

Love, Tylor Neslon

Skeptic wants a sister

Dear Santa,

I want a new sister. Where do you get in the house? What does Mrs. Claus do at home? I want a sewing machine and a pony. I want my front teeth. I was good. I suck my thumb, clean my room when my mom asks me to.

Love, Sienna, 6

iPod with a side of headphones

for Seth, please

Dear Santa,

I would like Madden 13, an iPod touch, beats (headphones). I would also like NBA2K13 NHL2K13. Can I please have Ninjago Lego set?

Love, Seth

Jackson lists

longhorn football pants

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I would like a Xploders, elbow pads, real football gloves, longhorn football pants, a bunk bed with a desk under it, thank you


Jackson, 8

Is Mrs. Claus

Santa's wife?

Dear Santa,

I want a 3DS, 3DSXL, boxing bag, PS3 controller, and an iPod. How do the reindeer fly and go house to house? Are you and Miss. Claus married?


Michael Delahoz

Emma dreams of

a fort of her own

Dear Santa,

I love you. I have been pretty good. I would want lip stick, fort, bunk bed, phone.

Love, Emma

I heart Santa,

says Lquea

Dear, Barbie castle, barbie house, doll. I hope you have a merry Christmas

(heart) Lquea, 5

Willy makes sure he's on Santa's list

Dear Santa, I would live to have a transformers game. I live at (address redacted).

Love, Willy Kuegeler

Sister also careful

Dear Santa, I would like to have a robot. Why do you live at the North Pole? (same address redacted)

Love, Isabel Kuegeler

Girl is honest with

Santa about Mrs. Claus

Dear Santa, I want an iPad2 and a DS. I have been very good this year. I did be honest. And I want a blonde horse with a white mane and tail.

Your wife Mrs. Claus, I think doesn't work that much. How much toys did you elves make?

And I want paint, paint set, and hair dye. (Your friend) Cora Remacle, 7

I'l have an iPad with that


appeal to Isaiah

Dear Santa,

I would like toys and transformers please. And an iPad.

Love, Isaiah

Cami wants to dress up

Dear Santa, My Name is Cami. I would like high heels and Barbie and dress and iPad and a candy cane. Thank you.

love Cameran

Connor's request sounds exciting

Dear Santa,

If you can get a monster truck shark.

Connor, 7

Allison qualifies for

the "nice" list for sure

Dear Santa, Please I want make up, favorit lip gloss. I love Santa. Your handsome pants.


Andrell asks after the reindeer

and the elves

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a 3DS. How are your reindeer and your elves? I have been good in school. I just play with my game.

Andrell, 7

Naughty Darion is honest

but still has hope

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? I have been bad, but I will try to make better choices. I would like a remote control truck, a bike, a phone that play angry birds.

Darion, 5

Zoos starts things

with a Christmas tree

Hi Santa, my name is Zuli C'Bearing. I am 2 yrs old for Christmas. I would like a x-mas tree, toys, guys (spiderman), batman, and a coloring coloring book.

Love, Zooz

age 2

Lots of questions

from little Iris

Dear Santa,

hao era yor rander

haw do you get in my haws

how are you?

I love rodoff!

You era the best!

Miisis clos haw era you dooeing

Love Iris, 6

Makena has a name

picked for her gift

Der Sentu

I wont a to go name gogo

Makena, 6

Legos dominate

Ayden's wish list

Hi Santa.

I love yoo.

Santa. Please breg me nen gugo

Ayden, 6

(Ayden's mom wrote that ninjago is a lego movie and a book)

There's not much

that Declan wants

Hi Santa

I love you. I wot A Bellt ne husky pup. Thats ol I want.

Declan, 6

Mackenzie wants

edible playdough

Dear Santa,

Hi how are you?

For christmas I would like a new play dough that you bake And eat. A new stuffed Unicorn Please.

love Mackenzie Moyes

Eventually, Craven

says what he wants

Diear Santa,

elves have presents for us and a dees frum Santa and a truck ...



Savannah is looking for answers

Dear Santa,

Santa do you have a dog. Santa how is Mrs. Claus doing. Santa is it cold there. Can your reindeer fly. Are your reindeer feeling well. have you seen a baby reindeer

Love, Savannah

Esai may not be

as old as he thinks

Ihi Santa

I love you. Please bring me a 4 wheeler. you are so cool

Esai, 99

Local teacher writes

request to Santa

Hi Santa,

I love you. Please bring me a room fairy to help me keep my classroom clean.

You are so cool.

Mrs. Wood

A deer and a TV

will do for Zyler

hi Sante,

I love you. Ken you brin a tv and ken you bring a der

Zyler, 5

Heidi doesn't know

if she's been good

Dear Santa,

Have I been good or bad? How is Rudolph? How are you. Are the elves doing good. Is Mrs. Claus doing good?

What are you going to give me? You are my best friend!

By the way, what do you feed the reindeer?

Lov, Heidi, 6

Lillian writes an

excited letter

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a telescope and a new phone and a puffy big teddy bear! And a artset and to have the best Christmas ever! And I hope you have a great Christmas! And a neo case!

Sincerely, Lillian Archer

(Lillian included a picture of Santa's sleigh and jingle bells and wrote "Merry Christmas")

Three or four

gifts for Sophie

Dear Santa

All that I want for Christmas is three things. I would like a puffy Teddy bear, a princess ballon and a princess castle and a makeup set.


Toys make Christmas

a happy time for Mia

Dear Santa,

How are you. I am happy it's Christmas. Please bring me lots of toys.

Love, Mia Ecker, 5

Kirra's friend Santa

gets milk and cookies

Dear Santa,

i want a movie called brave and a pogo stick and a new game i will be leaving milk and cookies for you you are my friend

Kirra, 6

A lot of thanks come

from Beau to Santa

Dear Santa

A bike motorcycle that is blue. That way I can pop wheelies and do tricks. I think I have been good all the time. I hope you can fill my request and I love you. Also please put sme candy in my stocking. A lot thanks


A cover will keep

Jordynel's neo safe

Dear Santa,

I Love you. And I have ben good!!! I wood like to ask you for a neo2 cuvr so it can stay safe. also I wood like a big purlpe Barbie house.

if time please fill stocking with lots of candy.



No fake puppies

for Katelynn

Dear Santa

I wot a tinkr bell that can fli ten feet hiee and a fr reel pupee

Katelynn, 5

Santa has to remember

what Garrett picked out

Dear Santa

I was wondering how you get in our house.

I would like a paint ball guns, air pistol, flyin fish, spark scooter, and all the stuff I wanted out of the magazine.

from Garrett Raymond.

Watie wants to know

how reindeer fly

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. I like books like June B. Jones & a duckling gets a cookie. how do reindeer fly?

I would like a dirt bike. thank you!

Watie, 7

Olivia hopes to read

a book for Christmas

Dear Santclos

I would like stompeez

I have been gud grll.

I ol sow utl u pit

I ol sow a chaptr doock



Food, action figures

fill River's gift list

Dear Santa,

I have have been a nice boy and how do the elves make toys so fast?

And what I want for Christmas is sunglasses and marshmellows and fruit and candy and toy power rangers and a batman

River Whiteplume, 4

First, Kyra says,

she's been good

Dear Santa

I Have Ben Good.

I wont a baby doll.

I wont a prinses.

I wish I hav a good brthday. I wont a gingerbread book.

Love Kyra, 5

Makinzie is thinking

about her little bro

Dear Santa,

Hiye Santa how is Miss Clos and how is Rudolph? I would pleass like a 80 peice art set And a meuskl bee for my littl brother Rylie and a toy for Rylie

love Makinzie, 6

Trinity keeps teacher

in mind for Christmas

Dear Santa

I want a pass word Jrunle Monste high high Doll Vampire Monster high Text messenger. Tablet a gift for my Techer and my two frut teeth

Trinity, 7

Lots of questions

come from Garrick

Dear Santa

This year I have been nice. please give me a lot of Yorks! How are Mrs. Claus and the elves? Is it cold at the north pole? How do the elves make the toys? I want two stuffed animal dogs. I hope you have a merry Christmas!

love Garrick

Carebears are a

favorite for Krysta


Merry Christmas, I would like a carebear movie, a dollhouse playplace, carebear toy. I would also like a necklace. I really hope you can help me.

Krysta, 5

Annie made a

list of 13 toys

Dear Santa,

I hope the reindeer are healthy and I hope the elfs are not working hard. But, can you bring me just a couple of gifts.

1. Little giraffe blanket. (green.)

2. Goosebumps horror and book 5.

3. Mini Ipad.

4. Build your own monster.

5. Fortune cookie maker.

6. I tunes card.

7. A new bike.

8. Wii U.

9. Nita light energy pod.

10. Draculaura

11. Unaverse

12. Mae tallic

13. Alielectric

Annie Vincent, 9

Karsyn made sure to

remember Beckett

Dear Santa,

My name is Karsyn Vosika. I have been a very good irl this year, I even stopped crying when my mom drops me off at preschool! Could you please try to bring me a few things on my list?

1. a new big girl bike

2. a wheelbarrow

3. a headlamp

4. a strawberry shortcake house

5. a lemonaide/fruitstand

6. some stamps

And would you please bring my little brother, Beckett a big comfy chair like me and my sister have. And also some more baby toys?

Thank you Santa!!

Karsyn Vosika, 3

Beckett Vosika, 1

Santa has access to

unicorns for Lilliana


I would like to have a unicrn

Lilliana, 5

Two front teeth, plus

a little more for Matt

Dear Santa

A remote controlled gas car. I wat a big seashell and an ipad and a gun. all I want is my two front teeth. and a tv and an eraser about 1,000 feet

Matt, 8

Grace will shoot

a bow and arrow

Deer Satu Clos

i like a bow and erw my nom to and dsisdr

Lovo Grace, 6

Santa will know

what Zander wants


I would like to have a pes

Zander, 5

Santa is invited to

Kimima's birthday


I would like to have a bithday party with santa

Kimima, 5

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