Code of ethics a good idea for Arapahos

Dec 21, 2012 Harold P. Frazier, Riverton


In the Dec. 8 edition of The Ranger, Nolan Friday made a proposal of a code of ethics and principles. This is a good idea for our Northern Arapaho Business Council and our General Council meetings.

Some tribal members and business council members would not like this very much. It would mean they no longer run things the way they like.

Tradition, respect and trust have become words used by tribal members who do not know what they truly mean. They are not practiced at our general council meetings. Our general council meetings are now being run by a mob and not the people.

It would be good to get all of the facts and not just what the business council and the mangers of all the facts and not just what the business council and the managers of all the programs an operations want us to know.

Now is the time to put in effect the code of ethics and guiding principles. These should be applied to business council, managers directors, administration, staff and election judges.

Before you vote it down, give it some serious consideration.

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