Cameco donates $5,000 to St. Stephens school

Dec 20, 2012 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Uranium producer Cameco Resources ecently gave a $5,000 donation to the St. Stephen's Indian School south of Riverton.

St. Stephen's superintendent Michael Hejtmanek said he made a pitch to Cameco after a Wyoming Business Council regional representative suggested Hejtmanek contact the company.

"Education is an area we really try to support," said Ken Vaughn, Cameco's manager for the public and government affairs. "Especially if we can help teachers."

Vaughn made the trip from Cheyenne to St. Stephens to present school administrators with the check.

"Whenever we can get people thinking of us, we really appreciate that," Hejtmanek said.

Cameco agreed to donate $5,000 after Hejtmanek said teachers and para educators would benefit from the purchase of 36 Kindle Fire tablets. He said teachers will be able to use the machines to download applications that can be used as teaching and learning tools. They also will be able to retrieve student grades, attendance and test scores from the tablets.

The Cameco donation will help cover most of the costs for all 36 tablets, and Hejtmanek said the Bureau of Indian Education may help with the remaining costs.

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