Central Wyoming College seeks a new director of campus safety

Dec 16, 2012 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

By Katie Roenigk

Staff Writer

Administrators at Central Wyoming College are still looking for a new director of campus safety to replace Steve Barlow, who became an assistant dean in July.

Barlow has been covering both positions since his promotion, and he said he hopes a new safety director is hired soon.

"We've been looking for the last several months," Barlow said this week.

CWC also is seeking a new campus security employee to work Monday and Tuesday evenings. Barlow said the school's housing manager used to cover those shifts.

"Now our housing manager is simply the housing manager," Barlow said.

Officers from the Riverton Police Department have been providing extra patrols during the past several weeks to compensate for the reduction in staff. Vice president for administrative services Ron Granger told the CWC Board of Trustees on Nov. 14 that the campus is "covered."

"We're trying to hire another security person, but (Barlow) and I have a plan," Granger said. "Starting on Friday we will have everything covered on campus so we won't have problems as far as security is concerned."

In his report he said employees plan to use CWC's access control system to keep doors locked or unlocked as needed, especially in evenings and on weekends. He added that most problems with building access have had to do with doors that are locked when they are supposed to be open.

Quiet campus

Granger's report described plans to provide more patrols in the areas of campus that have seen the most crime. However, Barlow said he couldn't recall any major campus security incidents or issues during his six-year tenure at CWC.

"I'd say kids feel very safe walking across campus," he said, noting last year's upgrades to CWC's outdoor lighting system.

The school keeps track of incidents through a campus crime and security report, which is required as part of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Granger said most of the criminal activity recorded has had to do with alcohol and drugs.

"(With) college campusus, that is probably the biggest thing," he said. "This is always the big one. It fluctuates back and forth."

According to CWC's crime report, four drug violations took place in 2009, with two arrests and two referrals in 2010. Seven students were arrested for drug violations in 2011.

Liquor law violations in 2009 included 29 arrests and 27 referrals. In 2010 there were 19 arrests and 46 referrals, with 24 arrests and 25 referrals recorded in 2011.

"We had a little bit of an increase in liquor law arrests from last year, but total incidents with liquor is a little different," Granger pointed out. "Last year (there were) 64, and this year there were 49 total. So it just kind of depends where you're at and what the severity might be."

According to the report, one forcible sex offense and one motor vehicle theft took place at CWC in 2009, with one burglary occurring in 2010. No hate crimes, weapons violations, murders, robberies, aggravated assaults or arson incidents have been recorded.

The full Clery Act report is available along with a daily crime log at

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