Board puts off Pedersen issue for now

Dec 14, 2012 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees will wait until next month to continue discussing an alleged code of ethics violation by Trustee Judy Pedersen.

The conversation initially was scheduled for Wednesday, but Pedersen and Trustee Roger Gose were unable to attend the CWC board meeting this week.

"They have excused absences," new board chairman Charlie Krebs said Wednesday. "We will continue the discussion and move it forward to our next board meeting."

The board will gather in executive session before its Jan. 16 meeting to talk about comments Pedersen made after her re-election this November. She was quoted Nov. 7 in The Ranger as saying, "I don't really look forward to another four years of being the only person that really looks at the issues."

Barbara Gose, CWC Foundation member and wife of CWC trustee Roger Gose, requested that the board address Pedersen's comments. She approached the board during its regular meeting Wednesday to express her concern about the public's perception of Pedersen's comment. She cited the board's policy governance manual, which instructs trustees to "never criticize the college president, CWC staff, or board members in public."

Pedersen had no comment in response, though she said later in the meeting that "it's making a mountain out of a molehill."

Enforcement rules surrounding the board's code of conduct say the chair will work with the person who may have violated the code to resolve the issue informally if possible.

If an informal resolution is not possible, the chair will request the matter be investigated by an independent third party, who will bring findings before the board for a hearing.

After the hearing, the board will vote to determine whether the code was violated and, if there was a violation, what sanctions should be imposed against the board member found guilty.

Sanctions range from the revocation of travel privileges to removal from the board.

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