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Not all tribal convicts get treatment given some

Mar 1, 2012 Antonio Dewey, Torrington


I am an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho writing in regards to a recent letter to the editor by Ms. Bernadette F. Brown appearing in The Ranger headlined "Why special treatment for some in the tribe?

Kudos to the writer for bringing the shameful practice of our tribe's governmental body a.k.a. Northern Arapaho Business Council (N.A.B.C.), and the so-called professional, and legal representatives to light. Sitting down here in the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution and/or the "joint" or "can," I, too, am more than curious on how I can get in on this sudden tidal-wave of N.A.B.C. support, redemption, and forgiveness so I can use it to my personal benefit as well.

U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson should be commended for his recognition and fleshing out of this matter in the Northern Arapaho Nation Department of Social Services embezzlement case, which undisputedly involved the director and his finance director.

Let me get this straight. While some of the tribe's little ones were going without lights, food, heat, clothing, and other obvious daily requirements. the aforementioned were using money the federal government gave us to help out on these issues for their own personal gain.

And for this, the director was given what is the equivalent in our people's customs as an eagle feather. This honorary tribal overture was also given to another tribal member a few years back in a child-molestation case. Really? Sadly, in both of these federal criminal cases the defendants are now basking under the least restrictive punishment's i.e., probation. I wonder, will the N.A.B.C. be sending out letters of accommodation to the victims in these cases?

It seems to me like instead of protecting what is right, you have to be a molester or an embezzler to enjoy this "right" offered by the N.A.B.C.

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