CWC officials worry how potential cuts in benefits will affect recruitment

Dec 2, 2012 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Discussions at the state level about potential cuts to employee benefits have staff at Central Wyoming College worried about recruitment.

CWC's director of finance Lindy Paskett, speaking as president of the school's Professional Personnel Association, said the college has experienced some setbacks recently when trying to fill jobs on the Riverton campus.

"I'm involved with the hiring a lot of times, and it's been more difficult lately," said Paskett, who has worked at the college for 13 years. "We notice we're having a little bit of trouble recruiting for some positions."

She approached the CWC Board of Trustees in October to share her concern that cuts to benefits would make recruitment efforts even more challenging.

"We think we have kind of iffy salaries, but our benefits have always been very good," she told the board. "If we hear we're decreasing benefits like retirement and health insurance, it scares us a little bit."

This week she said CWC's health benefits are a selling point when the college offers jobs to candidates who may be highly sought-after.

"We can tout our benefits to make the job more attractive," Paskett said.

Officials have not made any decisions about benefits at this point, but Paskett said she wanted CWC's trustees to be informed about the issue.

"There's nothing specific yet," she said. "I just want everyone to be aware."

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