Grizzly bear shooter was Dubois man

Nov 29, 2012 The Associated Press

JACKSON -- An elk hunter who said he was close by when other hunters killed a grizzly in Grand Teton National Park last week described hearing a volley of shots, then seeing men retreating with shocked expressions on their faces.

Charles Peet of Jackson said he was 75 to 100 yards from where the large male grizzly was shot Thanksgiving Day. Three hunters walked past him, Peet said, and shortly after that he heard three or four quick shots.

In a news release, park officials said the bear reportedly charged the men before the shooting. Park authorities, however, were still investigating to determine whether the shooting was justified, which is standard practice whenever a grizzly in the Yellowstone region is shot and killed.

The hunters, 48-year-old David Trembly of Dubois and his two sons, ages 20 and 17. The younger hunters, whose names were not immediately available, looked to be in a state of "semi-shock" afterward, Peet said. None of the hunters were injured.

Reached by phone, Trembly declined to comment. Trembly's father, Dwayne Trembly, of Cheyenne, confirmed his son was involved and said the encounter was "pretty traumatic" for his son and grandsons.

Peet said he spoke with David Trembly after the grizzly was shot about four miles north of the park headquarters at Moose.

"The father said he fired two shots of bear spray, one at 20 feet and one at 10 feet," Peet said. "Then at 8 feet the sons fired."

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