Bill would move some trust money to general fund

Nov 28, 2012 State Rep. Patrick Goggles, House District 33, Ethete


First of all, to the 1,573 voters that re-elected me in Wyoming House District 33, my whole-hearted thank you for your vote of confidence and for believing in me. Also I thank the good lord for all the blessing, including our freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice. I am especially thankful to the newly registered voters in Fort Washakie, Ethete and Arapahoe precincts. Aas you can certainly see, your vote made a difference. Don't ever think your one vote won't make a difference. Your votes proved to be the winning margin. I will continue to represent you in the 62nd Wyoming State Legislature with honor and dignity.

There are many individuals that made this election a successful one, and you know who you are, so I won't go into detail, but I say "Hou Ho," "Huu wi hyu," "thank you."

For the young people, never forget our veterans and the sacrifices they made, some with their lives, like Cpl. Billy Farris, so we could have the freedom to exercise the right to vote. That's why it's important to express your voice with your vote.

I have already submitted for drafting a bill that will repeal one-half of 1 percent severance tax that is currently diverted to the Wyoming Permanent Mineral Trust Fund and redirect those funds to the general funds to provide revenue to the State of Wyoming to ensure essential governmental services, cities, towns and counties are funded at sustainable levels, and Wyoming continues to operate in the black.

To the voters in HD 33, if I didn't earn your vote, I am open to listening, gaining an understanding and hopefully being able to finding common ground with you as citizens of Wyoming.

My hat is off all the candidates who ran for public office, I know the time required, expense, sacrifice, commitment and courage one must possess while campaigning. I applaud your individual efforts.

I am also thankful to the many family members, immediate and extended, relatives, friends, neighbors and believers who voted for me. Again, thank you all for your vote and confidence.

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