Tuesday notes

Nov 27, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

480 meals

The tallying and totaling is done, and the Riverton High School Key Club's annual Thanksgiving Day meal program delivered 480 hot meals to households in need of some holiday cheer, using a long roster of donors and an army of enthusiastic holiday-morning volunteers on wheels.

There was some extra food after all the orders were filled, and the surplus pies and side dishes were donated to Set Free Church and Good Samaritan Center later in the day, where they are being put to good use.

The meal program doesn't happen on its own. The planning, coordination and execution is the result of careful preparation and fine-tuned experience that has led to a pretty well-oiled machine. And ask anyone who takes part: It's fun, too.

Congratulations on another exemplary effort at a time when such a service is both needed and deeply appreciated.

Benign November

We have arrived at the last week of November, and winter has kept its mitts off us for the most part. Our Thanksgiving week weather might not have been quite nice enough to qualify as the classic Indian Summer, but the distinction might come down to nothing more than a definition of terms. It came close.

November has been benign, but now December, statistically our cruelest weather month, is on the doorstep. Maybe our weather luck will hold, but we'd best not bet on it. Find your stocking cap.

Find the Football

We're in day three of our new Find the Football Contest. The third clue appears on page 12 of today's edition.

One of the prizes, the No. 18 Denver Broncos jersey autographed by everyone's new best friend in Denver, Peyton Manning, arrived in our office Monday. It's a very nice item, and with the Broncos looking almost unbeatable these days with Manning at the helm, that jersey gets prettier all the time.

Enjoy the hunt for the football.

A bargain at $3.45

Motorists are noticing two interesting developments this month. First, gasoline prices have dropped noticeably, down by about 45 cents per gallon at most filling stations. A key word in that sentence is "most," which points to the second observation, namely that the cost of a gallon of gas isn't exactly the same at every pump in Riverton anymore. For years it seemed as there was some unwritten rule that if one station had gas for, say $3.50 a gallon, then every other place would as well.

But that isn't true this fall, at least not at the moment. There are some price differences out there. Those who remember 5-cent gas --or even $3 gas --probably are shaking their heads in wonder that a $3.45 gallon is some kind of bargain, but it's all relative. And $3.45 beats $3.89 any old day.

Bouncing ball

Early as it may seem, high school basketball season has all but arrived. The Riverton Wolverine boys and girls teams play Worland this Thursday, Nov. 29, at Wolverine Gym, and then Riverton High School hosts a two-day invitational tournament Friday and Saturday featuring the Wolverines, Lander, Lovell, Douglas, Worland and Lyman. The schedule shows 18 games in two days, half at Wolverine Gym and half at Riverton Middle School.

That sound of the bouncing balls signals that the other winter sports seasons --boys swimming, wrestling, indoor track and cross country skiing are at hand as well. These activities, along with the speech and debate season, the drama productions, the band and choir concerts, and the students and faculty who participate, the parents and extended families who watch and support, and the fans and other spectators who follow along, combine to form a vigorous and stimulating core of community life that help convey us along the dark, cold months of our year.

Welcome them and support them. They will help see us through until spring.

Christmas tree tag-along?

New Ranger reporter Eric Blom has an idea. He would like to accompany someone who has a national forest tree-cutting permit on a Christmas tree excursion in the woods. He would ride along, contribute $10 for gas money, interview and observe family members on the outing, shoot photographs, and write a feature story about it for our annual Christmas Greetings Edition next month.

If you have a forest permit, are planning to head out and cut your tree in the coming weeks, and would be willing to have a very nice young man spend his first holiday season in Wyoming come along for the ride with a camera and a notebook, please let us know here at The Ranger office. Call 856-2244.

Here's to a good week.

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