Timing of the CWC volleyball crisis seems questionable

Nov 21, 2012 Richard May, Riverton


After reading in The Ranger about the CWC volleyball program, I and a lot of other folks feel bad about what has happened.

This thing has really devastated the school, the parents, the grandparents, and the fans.

We all know that there are rules in college sports in both junior colleges and four-year colleges. But there is something that really bothers me. The timing of the issue arose just before the region tournament. Could this be some sort of personal vendetta against the school, a player, or even the coaches? Maybe I am not seeing, through both eyes. But I believe I am.

These young ladies worked hard and played hard to get to where they were, then some jealousy jerks the rug right from under them.

I think we the supporters of our girls should get the facts, make them get on the stand and testify.

We need to ask the N.J.C.A.A to make sure all foreign recruits are cleared through them so they can eliminate all devastation to our lady players.

This happened too quickly. Give it a lot of thought folks.

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