Trash station picture stabilizing; use and revenues both rise

Nov 21, 2012 By Christina George, Staff Writer

Use of Fremont County's trash transfer stations continues to grow countywide.

"It looks like to me it's working fairly well," Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Board member Dave Hines said at the board's November meeting in Lander.

District superintendent Andy Frey said 384 patrons hauled refuse to the seven transfer stations outside of the Wind River Indian Reservation last month. Fees collected totaled $3,478, which compares to $3,149 collected in October 2011.

The district fenced, staffed and instituted operation hours at the stations earlier this year in an effort to control illegal dumping and to collect disposal fees, which previously were paid voluntarily.

Frey pointed out that employees under the district's new policy do not haul containers from the transfer stations until the bins are full.

The change equated to 21 hauls of municipal solid waste last month, with an additional two hauls for construction and demolition debris, Frey said.

In October 2011, employees hauled 127 loads of trash, many of which were not full.

Board member Jeff Hermansky pointed out that the district is collecting a lot more revenue with fewer hauls.

According to Frey's report, the Shoshoni transfer station saw 87 patrons in October, followed by 85 at Pavillion, 77 at Missouri Valley and 71 at Hudson.

The district reported that 447 patrons used the transfer stations in September, bringing in $4,348 in revenue.

Board member Richard Rogers said he would like to see how recycling efforts have improved since the changes were made at the transfer sites.

Board member Mike Morgan commended Frey for the monthly reports, which were started six months ago.

"It's really helpful," Morgan added.

Frey said employees continue to address illegal dumping at the transfer sites on the reservation. He said staff spent four days on scene working to remedy the situation by installing containers and signs.

"It's an uphill battle," Frey told the board.

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