Obamacare objection did not apply to this situation

Nov 20, 2012 Kent Sidney, Riverton


My wife warned me not to write in about how "Obamacare" worked out to the good side for me when I got a little refund for money I paid into my health insurance. She bet someone would pounce on me for writing that, and it happened just as she said it would. Always listen to your wife, I suppose.

I don't see why someone else takes it personally because Obamacare did this good thing for me. I was not aware of the property penalty or whatever it is that Carl and Annette Baxter were talking about in their answer to my letter to the editor. (I do note also that when I looked into it a little bit seems that what they talked about is not even true unless you have a super-expensive house where you would make a quarter-million dollars in profit if you sold it.)

At any rate, that issue they raised does not apply to me even if it is true exactly the way they wrote it. My wife and I rent our home and can't sell it even if we wanted to. We pay into a healthcare policy separate from work.

I know several other people who have had this same situation with their health care around town, and they all got a refund for money they overpaid into their plan as the new law requires. One woman at church showed me hers for $602. Not bad. We will use our money on our plan for this coming year, and we will end up paying less overall. At least that's how I look at it.

I am not an angry political type of person. All I am saying the new health law worked well for me. Is that all right with everyone? I don't see why it's something to get angry with me about.

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