The way it was: Eagle Scout project -- 1997

Nov 18, 2012 Staff

Beautiful Indian Summer conditions we're welcome by Fremont County residents the week before Thanksgiving in 1997. Temperatures lingered in upper 50s and low 60s for days at a time, accompanied by calm, sunny weather.

The nice conditions helped Eagle Scout candidate Thad Hoff of as he worked in his family's garage on the project he hoped would help elevate him to full Eagle status.

During a scout visit to the Wind River Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Hoff had noticed that a resident's personal belongings were stacked awkwardly on a nightstand. With permission from Wind River Healthcare managers, Hoff pledged to build two bookshelf for all 44 rooms at the facility, constructed to exacting specifications.

It took 300 hours of work for Hoff to select suitable wood, measure and cut the lumber, affix and brace the shelves, and apply a professional quality finish to all 88 shelves.

The shelves were delivered in time for Thanksgiving, and Hoff was certified as a full Eagle Scout.

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