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Approval of optional sales tax shows confidence in the future

Nov 15, 2012 Ron Warpness, Mayor, Riverton


Wow talk about an early Christmas! What an exciting time for Riverton and Fremont County. The successful end to the 1 percent sales tax campaign. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the outcome. I don't think that the average citizen really has any idea what a "big deal" this is for our city and county. This will be more than $28 million of work in the next four years across Fremont County.

I am so very proud of our citizens, to have dealt with the hardship of the last four years of an economic downturn, not knowing what the next four years will bring nationally, and yet, in spite of this, to vote themselves a tax. It is really quite unbelievable. Our citizens have shown confidence in the future of Riverton and this county. With that type of spirit we can do anything we decide if we work together.

I personally want to thank everyone who worked on this campaign -- all of the mayors, their councils through FCAG, and all of the Fremont County Commissioners. I especially want to call out Gary Michaud in Lander, Dave Meyers and Kyle Lehto on the PAC committee, and Jim Gores here in Riverton, as well as Bart Dale. On the city staff, Steven Weaver was especially important as was our past administrator, John Darrington, who gave us the initial encouragement that it could be done.

To everyone who helped in any way on this very important campaign I want you to know how much you are appreciated. When the work starts on all the infrastructure around the county you can give yourself a big pat on the back.

It is now up Wendell Manka and the citizens committee to tell us what work they feel Riverton needs to have done first.

Great job, gang.

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