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Obamacare ought to be repealed 'ASAP'

Nov 14, 2012 Carl and Annette Baxter, Riverton


In response to Mr. Kent Sidney's letter published in the Oct. 26 Ranger, we are pleased that he thinks "Obamacare" is such a good thing. That's great that he received a $153 refund from his healthcare insurance company.

He's going to need that money if he tries to sell his house because "Obamacare" will require him to pay a 3.8 percent sales tax on the sale of his property (a little known fact).

Conservatively, sale of a $150,000 house would cost him an extra $5,700.

Hope the refund is worth it Mr. Sidney. We still haven't figured out the correlation between the sale of real estate and healthcare. As for us, we will prefer "Obamacare" be repealed ASAP.

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