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Thunder, Ferris, Winn secure spots in District 14

Nov 13, 2012 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Clarinda Thunder, Belle Ferris and Lloyd Winn were elected Tuesday to the Fremont County School District 14 Board of Trustees.

Schools in the district include Wyoming Indian High School, Wyoming Indian Middle School and Wyoming Indian Elementary.

Thunder earned her seat with 303 votes, Ferris had 261 votes, and Winn was awarded 241 votes.

"It's another round for me," said Clarinda Thunder, the current vice-chairman of the board.

Thunder said this will be her 13th year on the board, and she doesn't plan on running next time.

She said she ran this year because she would like to work on getting a new elementary school for the district.

"I hope everything works out, and we're able to get business done," she said.

Thunder said she would like to congratulate everybody who won and said she is excited for another four years.

Winn said he felt a satisfying and gratifying feeling after he heard the results.

"It was my fourth attempt to get in a seat," he said.

Winn said he knocked on doors for three and a half days asking for support. He said he plans on making sure the schools in his district meet annual Adequate Yearly Progress requirements. He also thanked the members of the Shoshone and Arapaho tribes.

"It can only get better," Winn said.

Ferris was not available for comment.

Garrett Goggles, who received 212 votes, said that even though he didn't win, he was pleased with the results because he is well-acquainted with those selected for the board.

"We all had good people running," Goggles said.

He also thanked all the people who supported him.

J. Merton Trosper said that after being on the board for 32 years, he didn't feel too bad he didn't win.

"I want to thank the people who had faith in me," Trosper said.

He also complimented the teachers, saying they're excellent and are the ones who help raise the grades for students.

Other districts

In the District 21 race, the most votes went to David "Grundy" Snyder with 244 votes, Bonnie Washakie had 238 votes and Kay Ferris received 196 votes.

The school district consists of Fort Washakie Elementary School, Fort Washakie Middle School and the Fort Washakie Virtual High School.

None of the candidates was available for comment.

District 38 had a large pool of candidates running against each other with 11 names on the ballot Tuesday.

Charlene Gambler Brown took the lead with 151 votes. Theodore Lionel Bell acquired 134 votes, and John M. Goggles secured a seat with 126 votes.

District 38 consists of the Arapaho Charter High School and the Arapahoe School.

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