County's election judge tireless in doing their important duties

Nov 11, 2012 Darlene Vaughan, Lander


Election judges here in Fremont County and all over Wyoming set their alarm clocks for the long day on Tuesday. These folks sit at the polls from dawn 'til dusk (and beyond) and deserve a big "thank you."

They show up at the polls at 6 a.m., and most are required to stay until well after the polls close.

They are the ones that help new voters understand the process. They help the elderly if needed. They help the physically challenged if needed.

They work hard to make sure the results are accurate and accessible within a few moments after the polls close.

Then, the real work begins. Books must be balanced and signed, ballot counts must be confirmed, all write-ins listed in the poll books. (It is a voter's right to put someone's name in the write-in space, but be serious about that right, please. "Mickey Mouse" or "Santa Claus" are not serious and cause those judges to stay much later.

So hats off to our Wyoming election judges. Reward them with a "Thank you" at the polls every time you vote.

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