Story about crowd-control training was disturbing

Feb 28, 2012 J.H. Robinson, Riverton


Emily Etheredge's report in The Ranger on Sunday, Feb. 19, on crowd control exercises at Central Wyoming College titled "Only A Drill" disturbs those who find right to assembly and protest the essence of American constitutional liberty.

She reported actions designed to suppress liberty as "just for fun," and, ominously, for "training."

The suppression activity was guided by a sinister trinity, the "rural justice director," the "campus safety director," and the Riverton "police chief," all conducted "in line with what could happen, especially with an election year approaching," to quote the report.

Ms. Etheredge reported that the police used force and that the students reported they "did not expect force from police."

Thank you Ms. Etheredge for showing us the Redcoats on the common.

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