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1 percent deserves voter support on Nov. 6 ballot

Nov 4, 2012 John Lichty, Lander


I am writing this letter to express support for the optional 1 percent sales tax that will be appearing on the ballot.

Our county and municipal governments have pledged to only use this tax money for streets, roads, sewers and other infrastructure and not for wages and other on-going budget items. The tax will only be in place for four years and, if the governments wish to continue it, it will have to go on the ballot again.

Therefore, by passing the tax, we will be giving the county and city governments a chance to prove that they are good stewards of our money and, if we decide they are not, we do not have to pass it the next time around.

Unlike the current sales tax of 4 percent, of which our county and municipalities only receive back about one-third, we will get back almost 100 percent of this tax. Items that are not currently subject to sales tax will not be subject to this tax either,

Therefore, groceries, medical supplies, gasoline and diesel, not subject to sales tax now, will not be subject to sales tax if this proposal passes.

The tax will allow our county and municipal officials to undertake repairs and/or replacement of infrastructure that has been sorely neglected for way too long.

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