On the optional 1 percent tax, 'the pickpocket cometh'

Nov 4, 2012 Jack Gordon, Dubois


With a probability paralleling the daily rising of the sun in the east, local politicians have begun philosophizing a doomsday scenario if we don't give them more of our money to spend in the form of a 25 percent sales tax increase.

With our incomes at a 17-year low and declining, thepossibility of significant increases in federal income taxes come January 2013, unknown but increased costs for medical care due to Obamacare, a proposed increase in gasoline and diesel fuel taxes of 10 cents a gallon at the state level, and Wyoming Game and Fish seeking to increase our hunting and fishing fees, do we really want to have our pockets picked for more money every time wemake a purchase?

Those promoting the tax increase assure us the language in the enablinglegislation will allow funds to be spent for only specific purposes.

Nonsense. The language is so vague and open- ended as to allow forall kinds of mischief. What is the definition of infrastructure?Infrastructure for one might be a flagpole, for another, trees on MainStreet it all is highly subjective.

And who can forget the libraryexpansion of a few years ago wherein the language and intent werequite specific yet the financial chicanery surrounding this project was amasterful example of smoke and mirrors.

The following words of caution written in the 1700s are as timely today as they were then:"There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people." (Adam Smith)

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