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Nothing 'far left' about Maxon in District 5

Nov 4, 2012 Red Fyler, South Pass


I will try to make this short and not take up three columns like some folks do.

I have been watching the paper since the primary ended, reading all the editorials and ads. Folks in District 5 commissioners race spoke out in August, and between McCarty and Fyler had together overwhelmed Thompson's vote.

People spoke their mind then, and I believe they should do so now, along with the Independents and Democrats who could not vote then. They, the voters, knew that something was very wrong in the commission.

Why try to tell those who supported you in the primary to vote now for what you convinced them to vote for you then?

I had a sit-down uninterrupted talk with Nathan Maxon for about an hour. It was one on one. I must tell you, we were on the same page about a lot of our conversation. I could not see a far left candidate in him.

I will not be a Bennedict Arnold to those who supported me in the primary. Maybe I am more of Patrick Henry to all the folks in this county. The only thing that has changed is the name of the opponent.

Anyway, I have voted absentee for Romney, Barrasso, Lummis, etc., but I also voted for Nathan Maxon for District 5 commissioner, off party lines.

Remember, nothing has changed since the primary. Speak your mind. Get out and vote. It is what a lot of folks fought and died for, your rights.

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