Shelley would be a legislator 'we could talk to'

Nov 2, 2012 Katie Ratliff, Riverton


I am writing this letter because I think Sherry Shelley would make a good representative for Riverton. When Sherry came to my door campaigning, she spoke about her hopes for Wyoming's people and she listened to my ideas. I have watched lots of political campaigns and I look for candidates who will listen and consider other views.

Her ideas about working together with people from different backgrounds to get things done made sense to me. She believes people from both parties need to work together and she is used to working with lots of people in Riverton, and as we all know, she gets lots of things done! I really like the new farmer's market downtown this summer and she helped organize that. She was always there every time I went and that's just how she is, very involved.

I also have really liked all the classes she sets up at Central Wyoming College and I go to quite a few of them.

She asked me about my concerns and she listened. My ideas seemed important to her. I would like a representative we could talk to and I think Sherry would listen and answer us. I hope everyone will vote for Sherry.

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