Shelley is a 'tremendous' candidate for Legislature

Oct 31, 2012 Helen Potts, Riverton


The Ranger has given readers an opportunity to submit for publication letters of support for citizens seeking election to Wyoming governmental offices. This is such a good way for voters to learn how the candidates are prepared to accept and then perform the duties of the offices they seek.

I wish to accept this offer to let you get to know Sherry Shelley. She is a tremendous candidate for office.

Sherry is honest clever, bright, humorous and is my dear, genuine, personal friend.

She is well-qualified to become our representative for the position in Wyoming House District 55.

Sherry is positive, discerning, experienced, a small business owner. She believes our state is a state that has a deep respect for individuals and for civil rights. She believes in recognition of personal property, for the right to keep and bear arms.

These are deeply-held, traditional Wyoming values that are guaranteed by our constitution. She is a fiscal conservative interested in improving efficiency and accountability.

I firmly believe Sherry Shelley is so capable, so well-qualified, and I am positive that when elected she will be a priceless public servant.

She will devote her time, abilities and dedication to serving those who elected her to her important duties.

Please help elect Sherry Shelley to the Wyoming House of Representatives, District 55.

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