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No good reason exists to merge Shoshoni schools with Riverton

Oct 28, 2012 - Ed Thomas, Kinnear


I am writing this to reply to the comments by Mr. Jorgenson of the Wyoming School Facilities Commission in Randy Tucker's article concerning closing the Shoshoni School.

I have held a teaching certificate since 1966 and taught science and math in large and small schools. I think small is better. My last seven years were in Fremont County (not Shoshoni or Riverton), and in the 1970s I taught five years in Dubois, so I have some opinions about the quality of Fremont County schools.

There is a reason parents of Students in or bordering the Riverton district choose Shoshoni. Shoshoni has a great staff, the curriculum is well rounded, and students get individual attention as needed. This is not always true in larger schools.

Mr. Jorgenson seemed critical of online learning. Is he unaware that many colleges, including the University of Wyoming, offer online courses, and some reputable colleges have online degree programs? Shoshoni is a leader in this area.

Every high school student is provided with a computer full time and is able to communicate with teachers as needed.

Just because Riverton has built several new buildings fairly recently does not necessarily mean they provide a better education than the school still using the oldest school building in the county. It means the

maintenance staff in Shoshoni also does a great job.

Shoshoni deserves a newer building and does not need to be swallowed up by Riverton.

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