New schedule opens transfer stations same day of week

Oct 24, 2012 By Christina George, Staff Writer

A newly approved schedule allows each of the county's seven trash transfer stations to have operation hours on one set day each week.

"It's clean, it's easy to follow," solid waste disposal district superintendent Andy Frey said about the schedule at Monday's special board meeting.

The new hours will be used through December 2013.

Board members approved Frey's recommendation unanimously after roughly 15 minutes of discussion.

The new schedule will begin Thursday, Nov. 1, and run through the next 14 months. Operation hours will be Thursdays at Lysite, Fridays at Missouri Valley, Saturdays at Pavillion, Sundays at Atlantic City, Mondays at Shoshoni, Tuesdays at Jeffrey City and Wednesdays at Hudson.

Transfer stations open weekdays will operate 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and those open on weekends will operate 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Communities with an operation day falling on a holiday will miss a week of trash collection. Also, all proposed schedules will depend on assurance of employees' safety on roadways, and residents are asked to call 332-7040 to confirm if a site is open or for other information.

The board was set to approve transfer station schedules earlier this month but wanted to gain public input about hours after concerns were raised about sites being opened after dark.

There were no remarks made during the public comment period at the start of Monday's meeting.

Per the board's request, Frey gathered information about usage at each of the sites to see if operation hours should run after 5 p.m.

"Sites are being used in that five-to-seven range," Frey told the board.

He said he received little feedback from communities about possibly cutting back hours so the sites would close after dark. Shoshoni, for instance, was adamant that evening hours be maintained because many people travel outside town for work.

Board member Steve Baumann questioned how operation hours in the Atlantic City and Pavillion areas would affect residents who work.

"Anyone who works in those communities has no options if they work," Baumann said.

Frey said the two communities prefer to have sites open on the weekends. He also noted the concern for district employees traveling from the rural locations in the evening.

Board member Jeff Hermansky said he liked the schedule in general but questioned how the locations for Saturday and Sunday were selected.

Frey said Atlantic City was set for Sundays because business owners said it would work best for them. He also put Pavillion on Saturdays because of its large usage.

Hermansky asked about Jeffrey City and Lysite rotating every other week given the small amount of trash taken from those sites.

He noted his personal case of recycling everything and producing two 13-gallon bags of trash every month.

"If people adapt, they can be flexible," Hermansky said.

Board member Mike Morgan liked Hermansky's suggestion but was hesitant about using a rotating schedule because citizens could get the days wrong.

Frey said this would be the third time the schedule has changed, and people have "heartburn" over it. He said it also costs money every time schedules change.

Frey recommended leaving the schedule as he proposed and revisiting it in six to eight months.

"It gives it time to be successful or unsuccessful," he explained.

"Andy's probably absolutely right," Baumann said.

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