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Shelley is right person for House District 55

Oct 19, 2012 Alice and Fred Nicol, Riverton


We are writing to express our support for Sherry Shelly as a candidate for House District 55. Sherry is a lifelong resident of Riverton who has always been actively involved in projects to strengthen and improve our community. Her enthusiastic leadership in Arts in Action, PAWS, 4-H, and the Main Street beautification project, just to name a few, has been instrumental in bringing numerous positive changes to Riverton.

Most recently, Sherry has been the driving force behind the local food movement and the extremely successful Wednesday farmers market in downtown Riverton. In these efforts, as well as in her position as community outreach coordinator at CWC for the past 21 years, Sherry has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, including great organizational skills and the ability to bring people from differing backgrounds together to work towards common goals.

In her campaign literature, Sherry states that she supports responsible resource development of both traditional and new sources in our state. She believes that we need to regain local control of our schools. Sherry is an advocate of our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. In addition, Sherry believes that all Americans should have access to affordable and adequate health care. She considers herself a fiscal conservative and will work toward sound budget practices.

Sherry's opponent, incumbent David Miller, has been running an ad in the paper that implies that he is the only candidate who supports our Second Amendment rights to bear arms, a smaller government, a strong national defense, free market solutions, individual responsibility and a stronger economy. In fact, Sherry supports all of those issues.

When we consider candidates for political office, we believe that their character and integrity are more important than their stand on particular issues. While issues come and go, one's character is a constant and is the best indicator of how a person will represent her constituents. Qualities we consider important are: honesty, the ability to listen to others, especially those with differing viewpoints, intelligence, a willingness to examine issues with an unbiased viewpoint, gathering all the facts before making a decision, the ability to communicate effectively, and commitment to the job, and having the time and energy to do the endless homework required to stay on top of the work load.

We know that Sherry possesses all of these qualities and would make an excellent state legislator.

Mr. Miller has been in office for 12 years. We feel that it is time for a new perspective and a new voice to represent our community in the State House of Representatives. We encourage you to cast your vote for Sherry Shelly, State Representative for House District 55, on Nov 6.

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