Obama's birth certificate one of many pressing questions

Oct 18, 2012 Ron Howard, Riverton


If I ever decide to get back into standup comedy I will have no trouble finding material, provided we keep reading letters to you from Dan Wimp.

So, the world finally got to see Mitt Romney's tax returns. I was never really concerned about that. I'm not sure why it was ever an issue in the first place. The results of his disclosure certainly didn't surprise me.

Mr. Wimp wonders why we never got to see President Obama's "real" birth certificate. I wonder that, too.

I also wonder who killed Laura Palmer. I am curious as to who really shot J.R.

Why hasn't Foghat released a new album? Will the South rise again?

All these things were going through my head yesterday while I was in some guy's pasture, kicking a dead horse.

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