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Horse tail thefts likely just people trying to be funny

Oct 12, 2012 Richard Gould, Lander


I may be wrong, but I do not think that there is a monetary element behind the theft of horse tails.

I think it is some people thinking that they are being funny.

I hitch horse hair and know the work involved with it. To just take a tail, or mane hair and use it takes a lot of work.

You have to wash the hair, dry it out straight, and then get it all sized up to an even length.

There is enough work in it that I don't take orders to hitch for others with their own horse hair unless it is a small item.

I could see it being used for twisting a rope, but you still have a lot of work in it to get it ready to use.

You can buy horse hair for $50 to $68 per pound ready to use, and colored if you want. I can't see a black market for tail hair that pays hundreds of dollars as mentioned on the news.

If there is one, let me know who it is, as I have a lot of hair that needs washed that I would sell them.

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