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Tuesday notes

Oct 9, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Summer's surrender

When it gets along to the second week of October, there's always a worry that the bad stretch of weather is the one that will tilt us permanently toward the winter side of the scale and away from the summer. We dodged wintry spell No. 1 when the weather warmed nicely Sunday and Monday. Something tells us, however, that we are in for a general cooling trend through, say, February.

Road improvement ideas

There's a good opportunity Tuesday evening to learn more about how the City of Riverton would use money generated by the proposed 1 percent sales tax.

Voters will decide less than a month from now whether the tax will be imposed countywide. In Riverton, leaders say improving city streets will be a top priority for the funds.

Exactly what options are, or might be, considered is the subject of the meeting at 7 p.m. in the Riverton City Council chambers at City Hall. It's a public session, and interested citizens are welcome to attend and participate. The work session also will be televised on the city's public-access cable channel.

Local government leaders aren't asking us to take their recommendation to pass the tax purely on faith. They have a good case to make, and it's well worth hearing as election day nears.

Half staff

If you notice American flags in public places lowered to half staff this week and next, it is by request of Gov. Matt Mead in honor of the memory of Wyoming State Treasurer Joe Meyer, who died Saturday in the midst of his second term.

Sandusky's shame

This column has avoided the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State University. His reprehensible crimes have been covered extensively elsewhere, and there can be no reasonable opinion other than disgust and outrage at what he did.

The former football coach is being sentenced Tuesday. May he disappear into the oblivion of prison, never to be heard from again. His name will live in disgrace forever.

Love those Rustlers

If you haven't noticed the Central Wyoming College women's volleyball program, it's time to start. CWC's Rustlers are one of the nation's best teams --No. 13 in the national poll, as a matter of fact. They play a home match again Wednesday (mistakenly reported earlier as Tuesday). Whatever day they are playing, it's one of the rare home appearances on a schedule that has the Rustlers on the road two-thirds of the time.

There are few chances left to see this year's edition of a fine program that was resurrected a few years ago and quickly has risen to national significance. Game night produces a fun atmosphere in the refurbished gym --and, boy, can this team play volleyball.

If there's only one volleyball game possible on your schedule this fall, this is the one.

Nobel time

It's football season, the culmination of baseball season, almost the start of basketball season, and, heaven knows, it's definitely election season.

It's also Nobel Prize season, the week or two in October each year when a handful of the world's distinguished scientists, scholars and thinkers are recognized for lifetime achievements.

So far this year, our Nobel Prize count is one for three.

Three questions

On Labor Day weekend, we posed three weather-related questions for the purposes of amassing speculation. On Sept. 2, we asked whether there would be another 90-degree day this year, whether there would be an 80-degree day in October, and whether there would be measurable snow before Halloween.

Our guesses were no, yes and yes.

The results are in already, weeks before Halloween: No, there was not another 90-degree day after Labor Day. Yes, we had an 80-degree day in October --it reached 81 one week ago, on Oct. 2. And yes, we already have had measurable snow. That happened Saturday, Oct. 6.

In a week or two we'll come up with three more as winter weather-watching enters our minds.

Winning Wolverines

Riverton High School's football team won its fourth straight game Friday. That's the longest win streak in nearly a decade. The Wolverines are in prime position now to win their first outright conference title since the 1990s, and this is their best season of any kind since 2004.

The game for the conference title --and home playoff advantage --is Friday. Douglas High School is 170 miles from Riverton. That's not a short drive, but the weather is supposed to be good and the light still long enough to get there before dark. If you're a football fan, and it's possible for you to be there with your "yell" on, the team would benefit from your presence.

Here's to a good week.

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