Decisions are easy, but good decisions 'are a little trickier'

Oct 9, 2012 Ron Warpness, Mayor, Riverton


In response to the recent letter from Mr. Parsons with the heading "City seems unsure of what to do when a decision needs to be made," as mayor I would like to take a minute to comment from my perspective.

First of all, decisions are the easiest things in the world to make. Good decisions are a little trickier. Good, legal decisions that are transparent to the public and that are agreed to by seven very different personalities can create the long debate that Mr. Parson is referring to.

The city, on any given day, makes hundreds of decisions that the public never sees. The ones that I, the senior staff and or the council feel need to be discussed publicly could, in many cases, be legally handled administratively, which. I assure you, would be a heck of a lot easier on all of us.

This method of action, however, would be more at home in a dictatorship and is not my preferred way of doing the public's business.

With reference to the job evaluation of Mr. Weaver, having been in that "closed-door meeting," I can tell you with certitude that the entire council very strongly supports the job that he is doing. Just as the three groups (respected citizens, city staff, city council) that unanimously identified him as our preferred candidate for the position of city administrator, a year ago, the council feels he is doing a very professional job at this time. Mr Weaver is not perfect, and the council did make some recommendations that we would like to see him work on.

I was very happy to hear that Mr. Parsons does not feel that we are making a lot of mistakes, as that is not the way I feel some days. The council and city staff works very hard to fulfill our obligation to the citizens. We realize that we fall short of that on occasion, but it is not for lack of effort or intention.

I personally prefer that we have the long, open debate on various issues rather than an efficient, truncated and brief "decision" made in-house and behind closed doors. Of course there are some things that probably could be dealt with in a smoother fashion, but, like Mr. Weaver, I and the council are not perfect.

My office is always open to visit on any subject that you would like.

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