Hearing will cover needed improvements in work safety

Oct 4, 2012 Dan Neal, Casper


Fire is always a risk in the production and processing of fossil fuels.

The Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Commission recently proposed amendmentsto its oil and gas industry safety rules that will require workers at drilling sites to wear certified fire retardant clothing while working within 75 feet of the well bore.

The amendments also call for shut-down devices on diesel engines used on or near the rig.

On Sept. 26, the ESPC and the Wyoming State AFL-CIO submittedwritten commentssupporting the amendments. Both organizations specifically support tying the standards for fire-resistant clothing to the latest improvements approved by the National Fire Protection Association.

Those standards are developed by a committee of more than 7,000 volunteer industry experts. The NFPA notes committee members bring "a wide range of professional expertise" to its processof developing these standards.

The proposed rules will be the subject of apublic hearingFriday, Oct. 5, in Casper. The hearing begins at 9 a.m. at the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Building, 2211 King Boulevard.

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